Things with wings!

Over at My Time To Craft, this week’s theme is “Things with wings”… Here’s a card called “On the wings of love” that I made sitting with my DD this evening, who provided input and read to me from the book from which I cut the words!! Bless her! xoxoxo


Stamps: PM big words foam stamps; Wings are a new stamp from Papirloftet which I bought from Donna (Crafty Krafts), sole UK seller. These are clear polymer, nice and thick and they stamp beautifully. I shall be buying more of these!!

Background paper and image from Crafty Individuals (who else?!). The purple inkpad is an Ebay cheapie from Pretty Colour which looks like acrylic paint when it dries – very wet.

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  1. So you have moved. I was wondering who left me a comment until I read it. I am like you, I have to mess with the template at least once a day;-)

    Love the colors and the wings. Hope DD is feeling better. Give her my digital card if she wants it.

  2. Glad your DD is feeling well enough to “play” with you. These are all fabulous.

  3. Lovely work, really colourful piece! Thanks for joining us again this week!

  4. I love how those colors go together!!

    BTW~here is the link to our SBS12 Members Only message board. This is where we will be conducting our sisterly business.

  5. I LOVE the background! so pretty.

    By the way, you’ve been tagged.

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  6. Rosie – this is spectacular!

  7. Gorgeous!!!

  8. Wow, I love it Rosie,


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