Distressed scraps backgrounds…

My gesso finally arrived the other day and then DD was ill, so I didn’t apply it till last night, when she was safely in bed. Here’s what it looked liked before, and all I did today was cut up the sheet, remove parts of the gesso with a babywipe (as per Trish’s instructions) and then I applied coloured inks to it. Strangely enough, the green one is my favourite!! I’ve also scrapped my ‘B’ pages of the “Scrap the Alphabet” album tonight, but they’re not quite dry, so I can’t photograph them yet…



Frayed Burlap and Fired Brick


Green - my Fave!

Admittedly, the green one is so shiny, probably because it’s still a bit wet, but isn’t it just vibrant?! Now here’s an experiment with a bit of glossy card and a plastic doily I found at the car boot sale a few weeks ago. DD thought I was nuts when I picked it up and remarked contentedly, “Ooohhh, that’ll make lovely backgrounds…!”

Plastic doily

Isn’t that pretty? I just sponged Fired Brick distress ink through the holes in the doily to produce that lovely pattern. Shame to cover it up – maybe! 😉

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  1. I LOVE the doily pattern! nice job .. and you are right … almost too nice to cover up! How about using something with transparency or a transluscent product so you dont lose it behind something completely? I so love it!

  2. Great idea Alanna… thanks! I have just the thing… 😉

  3. That green background is my favourite! Beautiful! Well done you!

  4. I love the backgrounds. Very creative.

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