Image Transfer… for dummies!

Step Outside Your Box Saturdays challenged us to make something using image transfers this week – another first for me! There are some very useful links to websites describing the various ways this can be achieved. I have very few ‘arty’ supplies, wouldn’t really know what ‘gel medium’ is or which one to buy if I shopped online for it, so I opted for the packing tape method.

Of course, I haven’t got clear packing tape, so I used sellotape! What a disaster! I managed to destroy 2 images and was really fed up and I admit, quite frustrated. To add insult to injury, when I went looking for the Claudine Hellmuth video demo of her paint dabber method, YouTube decided it had been removed. Grrrrr… I went round in circles and then found it working again.

It’s a very simple process, go see for yourself… but (again), I don’t have any paint dabbers, just little tubes of acrylic paint which I purloined from my daughter’s freebies. So, having followed the discussion about this technique on my Yahoo Group and seen that it can work with ordinary acrylics, I went for it. And here, after all the waffle is the tag I produced!


I left the tag a bit ragged around the edges because I wanted to remind myself of the process. So all I did was seal the image with sepia glossy accents and add a bit of lace, some thread, a few buttonsand a fabric bow!

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  1. barnie

     /  March 25, 2008

    Wow, such a wonderful tag. Love it… I’ve tried to made a transfer with gesso… terrible… and decided, that’s not my favourite technique 😉 Thanks for the link to Claudine Hellmuth, I think I’ll try it again with my “normal” acrylic paints. Wait and see 😉

  2. Silvia – yes I know how you feel!! But if I can do it, I’m certain anyone can!! 😉

  3. It turned out awesome!!! Oh and thanks for the heads up on the you tube link!

  4. OMG, that is so cool, I am going to have to try it really soon!!!

  5. Great tag Rosie!! I found that method just a few days ago and tried it too, works well for me!!

  6. oh i love this beautiful tag.
    it is sweet and gorgeous

  7. Gorgeous tag, glad to see you had a very successful outcome. I’d never heard of this technique with acrylic paints before this week, I’m excited to see it works as described. Love all the lovely bits you have displayed.

  8. Wonderful!!!!!!! You have gotten fabulous results! I love it!!! Awesome embellishing of the tag!
    Susan Chong
    The Artful Mama

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