Continuing the Clay Play!

I thought the easiest way to show you the progress of my clay experiment was to create a slideshow. I enjoyed the painting yesterday, more experimenting. I had lusted after PearlEx or Perfect Pearls for the longest time untill great mates bought me some for my birthday. I was convinced that they’d imaprove the look of my artlings no end.

I’m not at all sure they were worth the wait, in all honesty. I much prefer the metallic rub-ons they also sent. Much easier and less faff! However, I suppose if I ever get round to viewing some online tutorials, I shall learn the best way of using them. I did try them in with the acrylic paints I used to colour the clay bits, with mixed results. The kiwi powder mixed with brown gave bronzed glints that I was trying for, but the rest were disappointing. It seems to me you have to use quite a lot to get any effect at all!

Anyhow, I brought all the painted pieces downstairs and set about getting covered in metallic rubons! I think they’re beautiful… they have such a rich lustre and I was a bit dubious about varnishing over them, but I found that lightly brushed on varnish didn’t remove the metallic lustre, so less is definitely more in this case!

I must admit, I’m particularly looking forward to the Celtic symbols drying out… these are a set of 5 which I bought from Third Coast RS (and Val kindly sent me an extra one as a free gift!). I intended them for bookmarks for friends’ birthdays and perhaps the more ornate/tricksy ones will go in my shop! We shall see…

They are all drying out now in the intermittent sunshine by the kitchen window and I shall have to wait till they are completely dry before using them on any new projects. That, of course, is the hard part!

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  1. Chrissy Bornfleth

     /  March 30, 2008

    Looks like you had a great time Rosie!!!! Now you have a stash of clay embillishments to use when you need them. Don’t be like me and hoard them!!

  2. Flo

     /  March 30, 2008

    Rosie, I love that you shared pics of your clay-play process! Thanks for the in-depth description, too. I’m watching to see what you use these in!

  3. Chrissy – I made holes in the top of some of the ticker ones for making pendants and I may make some boxes up and use others that way… we’ll see 😉

    Flo – it was my pleasure. I like people to realise that we’re all human, so I share the good, the bad and the often ugly!! 😀

  4. How cool. Gotta try it sometime. Got bunch of clay, since my husband carves and the kids stuff. Love the slide show.

  5. ooo well done Rosie! they look great! prefer acrylic paints myself!!

  6. Sally – I used acrylics to paint them first!! Then I added the metallics!

    Anna – do have a go – it’s very absorbing though!


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