A long overdue Thank You!

I have received awards from several people over the last 3-4 weeks, and apart from thanking them on their Blogs, I never seem to have the time to do an award post. It’s a tricky one… I shall pass these awards on to everyone who appears in my sidebar… you’re there because you have inspired me or shared your craft and your skill/talent or expertise and wisdom with us. I also thank everyone who takes time out of their busy lives to leave me comment – whether it’s one word or a paragraph – it makes Blogland a very friendly place to be!

The last thing I want to do is upset anyone, so please accept that this is the way I deal with awards… and I really love receiving them – if you’ve been inspired by anything I talk about or make on my blog, then that’s very rewarding to me. The main thing is to enjoy what you do!! 

I love receiving your emails, too, so thank you to all of you who communicate with me in this way. Even some of the spam makes me laugh… I had a pingback the other day from a site dubiously called “Try new sh*t” when I had posted about clay and carving. Naturally, I deleted it – made me laugh, but not really an association I’m seeking.

My Row Houses are becoming a bit of an obsession, as is my newest addiction to carving stamps! I have ordered my kit from Stampeaz.com and Diana has very kindly answered all my questions, but wouldn’t get on the plane with my order as she really felt she should turn up for work instead! I did ask… but hey, I shall just have to wait for the post, like everyone else!

In the meantime, as I am not a particularly patient person, I bought a tiny lino-cutting set and a couple of blocks of what feels like industrial flooring offcuts, and was up quite late last night playing! I was informed by my boss at the Scrapstore, that ‘you have to sit with them between your legs for quite a while till they soften up enough to carve’!  I just gave her ‘that look’ and burst out laughing, but oddly, she was serious. So I have a small piece tucked into the waistband of my trousers – and before you ask, no, it hasn’t fallen into the toilet yet! 😉

Enough waffle from me… I have chores and duties to fulfil today and then I can play! 😀

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  1. Its been a long time since I did any lino cutting…probably 25 years or so. You can get some fantastic effects (especially if it doesnt fall down the loo first lol). Glad I found your new blog. Will visit again soon to see what you’ve been up to!

  2. Rosie, your post has made my day (as usual)! I can just picture you with blocks in your britches! LOL! How funny! We carved stamps with X-acto knives and wood blocks to print from in high school. The sadistic teacher’s reasoning was that if you can carve the wood, you’ll never have trouble with anything else. I managed a fairly intricate design (wish I still had it), but it was so hard and stiff to cut that it completely turned me off carving. Have done a few erasers and soft rubber though. Now YOU need to get on a plane and come and show me everything you’ve learned!! Bring me a kit and I’ll reimburse you for it LOL!!

  3. Jo – I never stop – and you’re very welcome!!

    Barbara – I have just discovered that 5 minutes on top of the storage heater does the job!! You had some really harsh teachers, didn’t you? When I win the lotto (with my syndicate pals), I shall be over!! 😀

  4. You made me smile Rosie – can’t get that image out of my head!LOL!

  5. Fi – can’t help it… I have to laugh at myself and if I make someone else laugh in the recounting of my exploits, then that’s a bonus!! 😉


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