Artygirlz challenge #28

Julie & Crissi have got another super challenge over at Artygirlz this week – ‘Triangles’! I have made a most peculiar (for me), card for this one and I’ve used my own handcarved stamp on the ‘hidden’ tag!! Woohoo – I’m addicted!!


Here’s the tag…


I know you can’t see the word very well because the background is so vibrant (acrylic paint scraped background!) and I used Brilliance copper ink, clear-embossed. Here’s a pic of the stamps I carved yesterday and today…


Didn’t they turn out great?!! I have to go to GPP Street Team and add my link again to Crusade #18! For April, we are making our own stencils… can’t wait. 😉

I just thought you might like to see my early-morning visitor:


Our garden backs onto fields and sometimes the cows wander over and graze the bank!! My cat is black and the first time I saw this cow’s face in the dip, I thought the cat was getting too fat… then the cow moved and I realised what it was!!  Never a dull moment, eh?! 😉

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  1. I love your creation Rosie and how gratifying to know you made and used your own stamp..I really have to have a go at that 🙂

    PMSL about thinking your cat had got too fat when it was a cow lolol

    Thanks for joining in with Arty Girlz once again xx

  2. Sandy

     /  April 1, 2008

    Wow Rosie what a great triangle. Love the idea with the Tag in it. Great work, wie immer 😀

  3. This is fabulous Rosie, I lov e the bright colours and your stamp is fab

  4. lovely triangle art!

  5. Rosie – cool to see your stamps and you putting them to work!

  6. All the stamps are great! I love all the color on your triangle card, too! 🙂

  7. these stamps are wonderful. Love the word ‘believe’. I tried to carve a word out but it wasn’t looking too good, lol. Yours looks great 🙂

  8. I LOVE your triangle, Rosie! Beautiful carving, too! Bravo!!

  9. Wow, such a wonderful and bright coloured triangles 🙂 Thanks for sharing the photos, I’ve to looked twice and than I saw the cow 😉

  10. Fab card rosie love the colours and your stamps, they are fun to make arnt they .

    Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge.

    crissi xx

  11. Excellent stamps — the border stamps have appealing patterns and the word is just right. And what a great idea to combine two challenges into one!

  12. Hi Rosie
    Love the handmade stamps i tried it once but was nt very succesful unlike yours and words as well/

    I have just nipped in to tell you that im doing the blog comps again only bigger and better come and have a look and a go
    yours Tracey
    its so nice to be back

  13. Fab original design. Great colour mix.

  14. fantastic work as usual Rosie *claps*

    has the cow Moooooooooved yet? (groan!, ok, i’ll get me coat!) xx

  15. Beautiful and your stamps are great!

  16. Jo – pmsl…. don’t give up the blog-header design work matey!! 😉


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