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Ever watched a video on this channel and felt compelled to sit and make the project you’ve just watched? I normally watch them and if I think I shall be making that or something similar in the near future, I download the design guide and/or template. But this morning, while all was quiet, I managed to play catch up with the 2 most recent episodes. Baby shower stuff… nah, great card, but not for me. Knotty bracelet? Okay…. I was totally hooked!

I use the leather from an old belt that I unplaited for various arty projects – my laced coasters, for example and the hangers from time to time, but they just happen to be about the right length for small versions of these knotty bracelets. Look at this – made from start to finish in about 30 minutes, because I went wrong, undid it and started over!

I never have the ‘right’ stuff for these projects, but I did manage to find a few fat-holed beads and a button for the clasp that don’t look too odd! Of course, it’s only basic macrame knotwork, but I love handmade jewellery and I’m pretty rubbish at it because it’s a tad fiddly for my long nails and large hands!! So, to find something I can do and improvise on, that looks pretty and can be made quickly and painlessly – well, what a bonus! HERE‘s a link to the website.

I’ve found a stencil I want to cut this evening so I expect I shall do that if I can fit it in… 😉

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  1. Awesome! I get the notions to do stuff like that, but I rarely follow through.

  2. Elisabeth do! It was so straightforward and really atkes very little in time and materials! Much much easier than making fiddly earrings, etc.!! 😉

  3. Rosie this bracelet is absolutely fab WTG

  4. Lisa

     /  April 16, 2008

    Hi I was just wondering if you had a copy of the design guide as we were going to make this bracelet today and the website wont load. It is wednesday afternoon here in Australia and our kids are on school holidays. We went and bought the makings this morning and when I went to try and view the episode it isnt loading. Hoping you are about and could help me out here.
    Lisa from down under


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