Wealth Corner Collage!

I think I’ve mentioned before that my friend Jan is my homegrown Feng Shui advisor… my luck has turned since she and I spent a couple of hours on the phone a year ago+… but my money luck just hasn’t!! So, when Jan and her family came to visit recently, just as she was leaving, she turned and said, “Oh no! That’s your wealth corner, there,” pointing to the enormous pile of boxes and tackle standing in the corner of my hallway. Shocking! We thought it was in the kitchen, originally.

So, while DH was away (as soon as he’d gone, actually, because half that stuff left with him for France!), I managed to ‘lose’ most of that clutter – albeit to an upstairs room, thus freeing up my “wealth corner”. Now the Chi can flow into it – and hopefully, good fortune, too! I have 3 beautiful box frames of ancient Chinese coins hanging to the left of the corner, but there is nothing to the right, so in order to maintain balance and harmony (!!!!), I used that vibrant red and purple scrunchy magazine background sheet as the basis for this collage:

Wealth Corner Collage

I also used a tomato puree tube for the 3 poppies grouped together, although I had stamped the image on the front (gold inside) of the tube, which made embossing them to make metal embellishments rather challenging!! I do make work for myself at times! So really, these flowers are double-embossed and colored with permanent markers. Here’s what they look like close-up:

Metal embellishment flowers

So, now to hang it where it will be most productive and to see if Dear Sandy and Dear Heike find it acceptable for Saturday’s Workout (emboss it);  and if Tracey finds it acceptable for her metal embellies challenge.

I wish you all a peaceful and happy weekend – I’m working as stand-in for someone who’s on holiday tomorrow, so I doubt I shall be up to blogging tomorrow, let alone have anything remotely relevant to tell you! I may even find some bargain Chinese objet d’art to add to my collage tomorrow, who knows? If anything funny happens that I feel I can share, be sure I will!! 😉

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  1. Sandy

     /  April 26, 2008

    Wow Rosie this is incredible. So amazing creation. Love it.

    Thanks so much for joining Saturday´s Workout.

  2. What a fantastic colours!!! love the flowers, they are great!!! the fan is als fantastic!!

  3. This is so brilliant.
    Love it.

  4. Rosie, each time I visit your blog I find a creation that makes me being astonished – it´s incredible what you create – really awesome !!! This piece of art is one of them which I would call “unbelievable” !!! Thank you so much for participating with your brilliant creations on Saturday´s Workout, my Dear !!!

  5. It’s GREAT!!

  6. wow ! what a beautiful card !!!!

  7. I was JUST going to say the same thing as stampingbalou!
    I dont know what to do!
    Does your mojo EVER disapear? Cause your work ROX like… ALL THE TIME!
    Totally super dooper Rosie!

  8. Rosie, you amaze me! This is fabulous! And out of a tomato puree tube, no less! This is a beautiful card! I wish you tons of prosperity…to overflowing!!

  9. mar1ene

     /  April 27, 2008

    Gorgeous creation! love it 🙂

  10. Fabulous piece – I hope it works!

  11. Very nice. Love the color combination and your embossed roses. I wish I had friends that can come and tell me where my good corners are.

  12. Jan

     /  April 27, 2008

    Well Rosie you now know it works and if you ever master the lottery remember me please LOL As for anna your wealth corner is to your far left as you walk in the front door Rosie who called it awesome thats the word i needed for your home totally awesome WTG

  13. Rosie fantastic work hope this sorts money out hun brilliant collage WTG

  14. Yes Rosie its acceptable for the make your own metal embellishments. I#ve never used a tomato paste tube though. Well done

  15. very interesting and amazing!! Good artwork!!
    LG, Heike

  16. wow Rosie ! stunning creation !

  17. Stunning Rosie – that should bring you lots of wealth
    WTG Jan!


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