Romance on a Fridge Magnet!

Take Part Tuesday have “Romance” as their theme and one of my recent makes – a fridge magnet domino – fits this theme beautifully. Sadly, the light is poor today and the flash has picked up the accent beads, but the image behind the glaze is visible…


I’m not a great photographer, especially where small items are concerned, but I’ve done my best with Photoshop. The image is from Digital Collage Sheets – the perfect size for altering dominos!

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  1. kreativgeschwafel

     /  April 29, 2008

    this looks really great!

  2. This is beautiful!!!

  3. Ilonka – thanks, but the photo really is a bit grim, isn’t it?!

  4. Great work 🙂

  5. Looks great Rosie

  6. looks very great rosie and stunning colors

  7. Nice work!
    I noticed that pictures look better when they have a little white space (background) around them. You can try by taking out more and more white space and you will notice at some point, the piece doesn’t look as good, because there is no contrasting background.

  8. This is beautiful Rosie I lovethe colours WTG

  9. Amazing Rosie – love it, have you triple embossed it. 🙂 🙂 WTG

    Oh and thanks Rosie – knew it would be something easy – don’t call me dippy for nothing – I work hard at it, lol, lol, lol.

    Debbie x

  10. Oo, la, la! Now this is romance! I love the warm and sensual look that you’ve achieved on this piece, Rosie!

  11. Looks quite lovely! And the colours are great:)

  12. Very cool work!

  13. This is really great romance!


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