Digital piracy!

Barbara – Artiphy the Heart – set the “Pirates” challenge at TGIF this week and has been nagging me to participate; my List Mom, Trish Bee has started an new challenge Blog called ArtBuzz, which is fab, because it’s radically different! Trish’s #1 challenge was called “Off with his head!” and the idea was to take a human image and replace the head with something completely different… well, you know by now that I have the liveliest sense of the ridiculous, so I kicked back this evening and combined both challenges – with this Diptych:

Now short of photocopying the DVD cover of one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies we own, I have nothing barring those skull & crossbones die cuts that even vaguely equates to pirates. So I took a very plain vintage photo and a brochure about going digital in the SW of the UK and an idea was born… The background is watercolour pencils and waterbrush, “Ma Sparrow” (Digital Pirate), was cut with a sizzix scroll and the images on the right are from background sheets I was given about 3 years ago!! The poker chip has one of Michelle’s Digital Collage Images of a girl on it and the gold ‘fish’ are the leftover bits from fancy die cut hearts!

In case you can’t read my text (a la Julie Prichard), it reads: “Ma Sparrow, Jack’s Mama, was the 1st digital pirate… even her eye patch was a skull and crossbones”. Enjoy, Barbara and Trish!! 😉

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  1. Sandy

     /  May 4, 2008

    Boooooah wow Rosie what a amzing creation. So many details. Love this.

    Thanks for joining TGiF again.

  2. hey- I can read all of the text 😉 Looks great to me!

  3. Wow!! this is great, such a lot of thought you have put into it

  4. I LOVE it!!! See what wonderful things happen when you’re *nagged*? Very, very fab, Rosie!! But, I’d expect nothing less than the best from you!!

  5. Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum! I like it muchly! You did a fantabalousa job at both the pirate theme and the off with your head theme too!

  6. Great Rosie. Love the humour. Really lovely colours

  7. Boah, Rosie, this is absolutely stunning – I can hear the pirates sing their song by watching your fabulous piece of art – awesome !

    Thank you for participating TGiF with such a brilliant creation…

  8. Looks really great.

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