Brayered gesso resist background…

If you have a look at aRtbUzz – Trish Bee’s challenge blog, the latest “background noise” challenge is using our best friend gesso on dark/black card/paper, letting it dry abd then brayering bright inks or spraying bright washes on it to create a unique-to-you background. Here’s a look at some packaging I saved to experiment with and a black A4 book I’ve been making notes in…

Packaging should look more like this!!!

I nearly lost this book to DH who fell for the cover!!

Pretty cool, huh?!

I like the sponged effect and the packaging didn’t take the gesso through punchinella too well, but I liked this effect. I think maybe I need to get a better inkpad – no rush – and the book needs some stamped images and then be sealed. If you look closely, you can just see that I sponged black acrylic paint around the edges too!

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  1. ooo those are lovely Rosie!

  2. Really quick to make too Jo!! 😉

  3. Rosie I love your new header WOW!!!

    Fab backgrounds too !!

  4. Sigh!
    So beautiful!

  5. Beautiful background !!!!!

  6. you are so crafty. I love all the creative things you do. I wouldn’t have even thought of using milk cartons.

  7. I love your enthusiasm, your experiments & being willing to try everything!!!! Plus you’re making gorgeous ART and most importantly having FUN!!!!
    I enjoyed looking through your blog today.

  8. carolann

     /  May 14, 2008

    Rosie these are fabulous WTG and I love your header hun its brilliant

  9. Fantabalous background art with gorgeous colours! I love it very mucho! All hail to the mighty gesso!

  10. Lovely background, and what an interesting technique. I want to try it too!

  11. what a lovely technic and thank you for explaining to us

  12. Really fabulous! I love the effects you got on the packaging! Wonderful colors and textures, and I love the translucency (is that a word?)! Great stuff, Rosie!! I applaud you *clapping hands*!

  13. These are all great, must have a go


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