New Blog Header!

I just want to shout about my new blog header!! Isn’t it gorgeous? I asked my super-talented friend, Jo, who loves messing with PSP, if she’d design me a new header. Yes, I could do it myself – I made the last two headers in Photoshop! – but I took a chance that she would visualise and realise something very ‘me’ and make it look good. And she did me proud – I love it!

If you’re thinking of having a new header for your blog that personalises it and reflects ‘you’, then get in touch with Jo – her rates are super reasonable and she works so fast (always a bonus if you’re impatient, like me!). She’s amassed quite a portfolio of blogs for whom she’s designed headers, so you can see what she can do before you contact her. There may be a waiting list though…. so hurry!!

Click HERE, or on her name, or on the Siggi Shop button in my sidebar! Go on, you know you wanna!


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  1. the new header is stunning hun 🙂

    Jules x

  2. Super cute! But I have a question (surprise). You have Tart on your blog header and so does Caroline (Glitter Tart Designs). I am not sure I understand what that is supposed to mean. Please enlighten me…

  3. Anna – I think I ought to explain via email!! *giggles* 😉

  4. bubbledeb

     /  May 15, 2008

    Your new header is fabulous Rosie – I love it. 🙂 🙂

    My second cat is out of the bag now Rosie, lol, lol – all details onmy blog – yeaa. 🙂

    Debbie x

  5. WOW! what an appraisal! Thank you hunni xx
    Yes you are more than capable of making fab headers yourself so I’m honoured that you chose me to make your new one.
    I’m so pleased with this header I think I managed to capture a little bit of you in the header.

    Jo xx

  6. Jo – it is TOTALLY me!!! And every word I wrote is true, you genius, you!! 🙂


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