Crown for a Little Princess

Laura at Layers of Colour made the most beautiful paper crown in blue and white (reminded me of Delft Pottery which I adore), and challenged us to make crowns this week. This crown-shaped door plaque, which my ‘little princess’ has just informed me is ‘too young’ for her door, is what’s left of the matboard I used to cut my houses from. I think it’s perfect for this challenge. I’ve been working on it for a few days now, on and off since last week; that’s how I work, in stages, which is probably why my room is always such a mess (plus the fact that I have no shelving and everything lives on my floor, table, or under them)!

I couldn’t get a great photo of it with or without the flash, so this will have to do! I painted the board with red and white acrylic paint, almost drybrushing them on to give a textured pink in shades. Then when that was dry, I stamped the scrappy angel (or whatever she is) randomly all over it. I PVA’d the coloured portion of a napkin to the bottom third and let that dry out – I liked the stripes. Then I added some words and a couple of the Crafty Individuals images, a postage stamp of the Queen, the word Princess, a crown (Paper Pesto) a liberal amount of rust perfect pearls brushed over the sticky stuff (Perfect medium) and the big pink gems – they were supposed to be buttons, but I prised the backs off them. It was shimmering nicely and so was my cutting mat! I have no idea why powdery stuff behaves like that… *looks shifty*!

I punched some holes along the bottom for the beady trim – beads from my good friend Cat, who doesn’t like them!! I strung the beads onto pink glittery floss – had a heck of a job threading the needle too! I came very close to not trimming it, but I’m glad I persevered, because it makes all the difference!

So the last touch was adding the pink eyelash fibre and backing it to tidy it up, just in case DD decides she likes it! This was a lovely challenge Laura, thank you!

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  1. Lovely, indeed Rosemary!! Very creative to make a door hanger! You worked hard on every detail, and it turned out amazing! I love all the textures from the trimmings and background. I’m so glad you had fun making a crown! I’ll be making more myself, as soon as I get the time to fit it in. The process is fun and the results are so satisfying!
    Creatively Yours, Laura

  2. Thanks Laura! 🙂

  3. Lovely crown. Love the bright red and all the shimmer on it. Too bad your DD has outgrown it.

  4. Oh ! Rosie, your crown is wonderful ! love the little princess, pearls… lovely !

  5. kreativgeschwafel

     /  May 21, 2008

    you made really a wonderful crown!

  6. Wow I love the beading detail and all the frills great job!

  7. Love it, looks great. Love the colour.

  8. Marci

     /  May 23, 2008

    I love this. The colors are beautiful and the beading makes it very special!!

  1. shelving

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