aRtbUzz #6

“Art in Everyday Life” is what we are to show, using photograph(s) of something we see which stirs or moves our Muse. I love the month of May – the onset of warmer days, the flowers, birds and general awakening – which to me heralds the start of the summer months. Admittedly, with the cold, damp weather we’re experiencing here at the moment, that sounds like complete tosh! However, in the spirit of optimism, I took these photos yesterday, in the brief lull between grey skies and showers.

The common Clematis Montana is the always the first glorious display of colour in our garden and just seeing all these flowers jostling for position makes me smile, so here are a couple of pics of pretty pinkness!

I fancy the flowers are tumbling down their stems, calling, “Look at me, I’m bigger than him!” or “Me first, me first!!” in an almost childlike way! My next photo is of my precious “Super Clem”, which blossomed against the odds for the first time last year, in a trough… I love this one for its size and perfect dignity and the fact that it’s purple can’t hurt either!

The buds are huge in comparison to the Montana and I just feel that this one has such grace, I wish they flowered all the year round for my constant enjoyment of them. Here’s a loner, out on its own limb, not quite fully opened.

A proper little work of art, isn’t it? 🙂

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  1. Exquisite! You must be in flower heaven…=)

  2. Good Morning Rosie, I enjoyed the comment you left at kkat. Thank you! I love it when someone ‘talks’ to me a little bit when commenting, don’t you? I know what you mean about the weather. Its been cold and dreary here too untill this morning. Because I wanted to sleep in today, the world awoke with bright sunshine, tractors up and down the road and fields so I surrendered and got up. Only to look out the front picture window and see a young bunny stretched out on the ground in my flower bed, apparently paralyzed. He could only lift his head & struggle to move. I set to worrying….went back 10 minutes later and saw him slowly pull himself up and hop over to the grass to have breakfast. Praise the Lord! I wondor what happened to the little fellow? I love your blog…just wish there was more time to visit! I’ve got my cello lesson tonight and want to focus on practise today. Hope you have a great day. This is a wonderful time for me to get out there and pull weeds after all the rain. Hopefully….=)

  3. Certainly is a proper work of art! I love that close up shot of the flower! Gorgeous! You couldnt recapture it either in a painting and do it justice either! Nothing better than natures finest.


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