Woman ATCs

Theme Thursday this week is very structured and challenges us to use an image of a woman in ATCs. Interestingly enough, up until a couple of months ago, I’d never made an ATC, let alone an Inchy, so I’ve made some personal progress! Today I had another madcap, hectic time with playing taxi to my daughter and assistant to my husband, aswell as taking care of business and the demands of the dogs, cat and parrot too! I finally got a break and managed a little ‘me’ time – I expect many of you know what that’s like! – and made a couple of ATCs.

I was ecstatic yesterday to receive some gorgeous stamps from Beth at Diva Impressions and stamped all the images onto white card as a record for myself, and bagged them all up ready to be used. This first ATC is a practice run for a swap I’m in. The background is blues on paper towel and has great texture, so I stamped this lovely woman image onto acetate and mounted it onto the background with flower brads. She’s really dreamy and I added the text (from a book), “the wild hyacinth”.

the wild hyacinth

I rubbed gold metallics over the raised areas of the paper towel before adding the image. Isn’t she lovely?

This one is a vintage Belle I’ve had on my PC for ages, no idea where it came from, though. If anyone can enlighten me, I’d love to credit the source! The background is handmade embossed paper in very pale green, highlighted with green metallics as before. Her text reads: “Catherine, you are a good soul” and I think it suits her!


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  1. these are fabulous! great ATCs!

  2. WOOOOW stunningly BEAUTIFUL Rosie!!
    MANN!! No words can describe how much i think you ROCK!

  3. Sandy

     /  May 30, 2008

    Oh wow they are fabulous.
    Stunning work again. Love them. Wie immer 😉

  4. these are great Rosie!! as always!

  5. gosh, these are fabulous atc’s!!

  6. Both are gorgeous.

  7. Lovely creations, specially all the textures and colors in the textures. Nice images too.

  8. Oooo, they’re so dreamy and beautiful, Rosie!

  9. Deine Werke sind alle wunderschön!

  10. Lovely ladies, both ATCs are so special and so different, I’d be hard pressed to pick a fav!

  11. carolann

     /  June 1, 2008

    Stunning Atcs Rosie well done


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