My arty-farty Tote Bag!

I made my own Tote Bag today and I’m so pleased that what I had in my head actually turned out better than I hoped! I love this bag… it’s hessian, lined with a pocket for my phone, and I made it to measure for my document wallet, wallet, keys etc that I carry everywhere. It’s even got a flat bottom!!!

I’m entering it into the Wednesday Stamper challenge this week, which is to use eyelets in our creations. As you can see, the little birdie stamp (transferred image!!), is attached to the base of the flap with eyelash fibres and eyelets. The main panel is machine-stitched, stamped and sewn onto the hessian front flap with embroidery thread. What a labour of love this was – and am I ever going to enjoy using it!

Arty-farty Tote!

I’ve been struggling to make some image transfers onto fabric for a couple of weeks now – I don’t have any Gel Medium and I even joined an Inkjet transfer group to see if that would help. It did give me lots of ideas, but didn’t solve my problem. Then, I found that the decal papers I had purloined from my DH were actually iron-on! Oh joy! So I made myself up a collage-style sheet of images and spent a blissful hour or so the other evening transferring these images onto scraps of fabric from my recycled textile pack! I did some experimenting (when don’t I?!) and because I had a little space left on the decal sheet, I stamp my handcarved birdie No.2 onto it with Brilliance copper and it transferred too!

The image on the main panel is one of those, bordered by Layers of Color’s strawberry stamp (Timber brown Stazon) and the arty quote is stamped with Distress ink (Black soot).  The flower is from Paper Pesto and the glass beads are from my pal, Cat! Those three oblong ones are black millefioris with tiny brown and orange spots and flowers in… ahhhhh. I’m so lucky to have such fabulous friends who send me random stuff to use in my artwork.

And look at this wonderful Mail Art I received from my great pal Barbara (Artiphy the Heart)!

Is that not the most femininely divine, pink package a girl could wish to get through the post???! Just look at all those wonderful stamps with Ole Blue Eyes and what a stylish envelope she created for me. I am now a big fan of Mail Art and will be returning the favour at some point! Thank you so much, Barbara – you made the Postman’s eyes nearly pop right out of his head! *Grins*

Now, are those, by any chance, Sandra Evertson images you’ve stamped on that envelope? ‘Fess up, please? 😉

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  1. Well you certainly got busy! Your tote is fabulous, and your transfers = perfection. I just Love this project down to the last detail. Such fun your mail art from Barbara as well, don’t you just Love Art Mail!

  2. Sandy

     /  June 4, 2008

    Wow this is great. Wonderful creation. Love it.

  3. Yay, Rosie. The tote is so neat.

  4. Hey Rosie – love your tote bag – what a fabby idea and really gorg piccy on. 🙂 🙂

    oooh and your envelope from your friend – very nice, it must have made you smile from ear to ear when postie brought that. 🙂 🙂

    Debbie xx

  5. Love your bag, very feminin

  6. love your bag!! great transfers too!!

  7. very clever use of eyelets. that bag is gorgeous.

  8. OMG Rosie – how inventive are you – I just love this – people would go mad for these you know!!

  9. Wondeful bag!

  10. OH WOW!!!! YOU need to send your tote into Amanda Nolan at Haute Handbags!! If she doesn’t publish something this wonderful, then she’s flipped a switch!! Email her with a .jpeg first so you don’t have to part with it for a *year*! What fab piece of art…and it’s functional too! How clever of you to measure pockets for the things you regularly carry! I bow deeply to the bag!!

    Stamps on the envelope are Catherine Moore’s “character constructions”. I love them to death and can’t wait till I can get more, more , more!!

  11. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rosie I love it and I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Absolutely fantastic and good for you for recycling again xxx

  12. Kathy

     /  June 4, 2008

    Love this bag.

  13. Rosie – go for it girl!! Get them priced up and sell, sell, sell!
    Thanks for your lovely comments!


  14. Dawn – I might just do that! Thanks for the encouragement ! xxx

  15. Wonderful bag!

  16. Wear your art!! I love that! What a great way to advertise your fabulous art…go bless the world, Rosie! You’ve certainly blessed me!

  17. Rosie you already know what i think of this bag blooming gorgeous. i have discoveed an image transfer techinique recently by a happy accident its new to me anyway i will email you to see what you think befor i post it on my blog incase its rubbish LOL

    hugs crissi

  18. that’s a great tote!!!

  19. What a cool bag. Looks very green (earth friendly).

    I did not know Sandra Everton had her own line of stamps. She commented on my blog once and that is how I found her blog. She does some kind of art, that I am not sure I understand.

  20. Anna – erm…. yep, Sandra’s art is very different, very quirky… and I love it! My bag was designed (OMG, I said the ‘D’ word!) to be tough, organic and easy on the eye – okay pretty!! 🙂

    Crissi – it’s been 2 days and no email…. *taps foot impatiently* 😉

  21. kreativgeschwafel

     /  June 6, 2008

    really great!

  22. Sue Curtis

     /  June 6, 2008

    beyond awesome Rosie!!!!!!

  23. p

     /  June 7, 2008

    stick ’em up.. this is a hold up.. i am after your bag lady!!

  24. Pauline – you crack me up!!! 🙂

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