ATCs – Man and Bandanas!

Theme Thursday this week is all about ATCs featuring Man/Men! Kelly has set the bar high with her Edgar Allan Poe ATCs… I have made this one, using a vintage advert  which I sprayed with Walnut gold glimmer mist, then tore up! It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek with him looking over a (mesh) fence! The background is acrylic scraped paint – not much of this one left, worse luck, as the brown/gold is one of my absolute faves! The “art saves lives” stamp is from a sheet of Robin’s (MaVinci) Art Quotes.

These are Bandana technique ATCs, for Trish’s aRtbUzz challenge # 8. They were fun… you stamp some images on a handmade background, then doodle around/on/over them in black/white! Don’t even think about what you’re doodling and the most amazing patterns emerge! I used an ivy leaf stamp (unknown) and my row of crows from Diva Impressions RS, which are great fun to doodle with – probably one of the most ‘playful’ stamps I’ve ever had!!

Watercolour background, salted and sprayed with glimmer mist! And a circle of stamped tomato paste tube set into a bottle cap!

Brown/gold acrylic paint background and the ivy leaf… love this stamp!

This one was a glue resist background with mauve ink over!

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  1. Wow!! fantastic backgrounds for all of them!! thanks for sharing the technique! love all atc’s!! the man is great and funny!

  2. Annie

     /  June 5, 2008

    I love your man ATC….so funny.
    Love the others too. Great work.

  3. wow.. what a beautiful work !!! love the collors !!!

  4. kreativgeschwafel

     /  June 5, 2008

    your man atc is really gorgeous! and also the rest is amazing! such a variety of styles!

  5. Wow, these are all gorgeous! The man is hilarious.

  6. great ATCs! love them all!

  7. Art saves lives. I will have to think about that one. Cool creations with some cool stamps.

  8. Sandy

     /  June 6, 2008

    Wow stunning creations. Really great stamps.
    Wunderschön, wie immer 😀

  9. Thanks for mentioning and showing the Bandanna Technique – how wonderful and just another ‘excuse’ to doodle around 😉
    And you made really beautiful ATCs with it!
    Your stamped tomato paste tube set into a bottle cap is also great, I love it.
    There’s so much to learn for me by reading your entries and I fully enjoy it 🙂

  10. Susann – I could say exactly the same about visiting your blog!! Hugs…

  11. Sue Curtis

     /  June 6, 2008

    I love this look- must try it this weekend! You always have the quirckiest content- makes you one of my favorites!!!!

  12. Sue – LOL!! Happy to be of quirky service!! 🙂

  13. *Love* your man ATC!! That’s a fab glimmermist! I can never get mine to photograph well, but you can see all the glimmery goodness in yours!!
    I’m going to try that bandana technique! Your bird stamps look wonderful with all your doodles! What a difference doodling around a stamp makes! Really gives it some punch! My man ATC is drying. He got a good coat of diamond glaze and can’t move till it’s set. BTW, are you interested in a Wizard of Oz swap?

  14. wonderful artwork!

  15. Gorgeous work! And the glamour mist looks amazing 😀

    Btw I’m giving away some beady blog candy, don’t forget to pop along and join in!

    Liz x

  16. I love how the white pen pops out on the lovely dark mauve background, its really eye catching. Brilliantly done.


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