Simply “irresistible”!


Time for a bash at the latest Crusade challenge this month over at GPP Street Team. Michelle has shown us how to make resist backgrounds using wax crayons and acrylic paint. It’s a lot of fun and extremely messy (woohoo!) I used texture plates that I have had laying around for ages (unused, unwanted, unloved, soon to be given to my mate for her ‘Headway/Scope’ group, who find crafting therapeutic!) and some wallpaper border for my wax rubbings. I had some nasty old wax crayons – blue, purple and red (which looks pink!) were the only dark colours among them – that DD had dumped in my room. I made loads of rubbings and now have fewer crayons, which is probably a good thing if the rest of them are the same!
My sheets of wax rubbings


The idea is to make the wax rubbing, brush on acrylic paint, spritz with water and rub off the paint to reveal the crayon (resist), without tearing the paper! Michelle explains it a lot better, which is why she writes great tutorials and I just take pics of what I did!! So here’s my first -black over red…


Here I tried black paint over blue and yellow paint over blue…


Now look at this red paint over blue – maybe you should use shades?? *grins*


Here you can see me removing paint with a wet wipe and I used thinner red and black acrylic paint on the same wax rubbing! Had to experiment, didn’t I?!!


And these are black paint on mauve crayon – wallpaper border, which is my favourite.

Thicker paint is messier to remove, but I got better contrast, though thinning the paint was quicker… however, there is also a difference between wet wipes and spritzing with water. The wipes are gentler over the paper (for me, anyway) and it didn’t seem as if it was going to tear. I also used slightly thicker paper, equivalent to thin card at first and then changed to thin copy paper, as Michelle recommended.

I shall use these quite happily for ATCs, cards, etc. In fact, I wonder what will happen if I spray one with glimmer mist? I’d better go try it…. *waves*



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  1. oooh – you have the same wallpaper as me 🙂 that Latin one is the border from my living room 😀

    Like the red and blue – and the first one you did, black and red

    Are you going to keep the texture plates now? 🙂

  2. Rosie – you found some great stuff to rub – that spiderweb is awesome. Lots to see here – glad you showed us your baby wipe trick too as that’s something others might want to try. Thanks for enthusiastically joining in the crusade!

  3. Sarah – Not sure… cos I really don’t use them and I prefer the wall paper. Maybe I’ll keep the spider web and the squares and give the others away!!

  4. Looks like you had a fun time experimenting ! I like the wallpaper too. Thanks for sharing the pros and cons that you learned along the way !

  5. thanks for sharing what you had did.
    I love the spiderweb, so cool !
    I shall explore using paint in my next try.

  6. Look at all those rubbings. I did two large and one small piece of paper. The small one came out better. I should try using the fiskars plates. These will make lovely backgrounds for anything.

  7. Wasn’t the experimenting fun? I identify with your process of discovery. For me, blotting with a paper towel worked best. It’s cool to see what worked for each individual.

  8. Teriffic results with your experimantation. Just love all your results. The spider web is especially wonderful!

  9. join the rubbingclub ! 🙂
    the experimenting is the biggest fun… I got covered with paint and colors too…
    It’s just an easy technique, but it works perfect for backgrounds ! I’m curious to see what you do with all your rubbings ! Please don’t forget to show us !

    Inge ( from belgium)

  10. Great backgrounds, ATC’s will be cool with these. Your comments made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  11. WOW these are so cool! I have to try some today!

  12. I love all of the textures you have here….fantastic collection and very versatile!

  13. Your rubbings are impressing, some of them (red and black) looks like ancient stones or carved wood. great work, you’ll have fun using these I think!


  14. momto6

     /  June 18, 2008

    Rosie – I want plates like yours. I love these backgrounds and cannot wait to see the ATCs you use these as backgrounds for. – Nicki


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