TGIF – “Cats”

TGIF this week’s theme is “Cats”. Here are 2 on one of my Row Houses… Fifi et Mimi! And then there’s the Tribal Cat by Anita’s stamps:

Mimi et Fifi!!

That reminds me – I received 11 Row Houses from Jeri in Texas this week from my Row House swap. Jeri did a fabulous job, organising over 30 swaps. I must say, for my first ever International swap, I was very impressed and the Houses I received back are gorgeous. I shall attempt to make time tomorrow to photograph them all, make a slideshow and post it so that you too can share in the wonderful artwork I received from some very talented creators.

My mojo’s been put on the backburner and restrained this week as we have removed my daughter from school until some disgusting bullying is sorted out. I am fed up with all that’s been happening and feel terribly let down by the school she’s attending. In my view, they have abused our trust completely and if they were any more laidback about it, they’d be completely horizontal.  Needless to say, we are all somewhat stressed out and Monday there will no doubt be more of the same.

Thankfully for us, I have the most marvellous bunch of cyber-buds on Auntys Forum, who have shown us bucketloads of love and support, along with some excellent advice – regretfully gleaned from personal experience. What a wonderful thing the Internet Highway is!

I’m the easiest-going person I know till someone messes with my family… at the moment I am like a Jaguar-Mommy, with her prey firmly in sight, just scented on the wind… this Mama-Cat is taking no prisoners! *growls*

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  1. This is beautiful!
    and i LOVE your inchy too! A couple of posts down! LOVE it!
    The nternet IS a wonderful place isnt it :):)

  2. Sandy

     /  June 14, 2008

    Wow this is absolutely gorgeous.
    Brilliant house with a lovely image. Gorgous.
    Thanks for this brilliant entry to TGiF.

    Have a nice weekend my Dear.

  3. Brilliant……

  4. beautiful card!!!! love all about it!!!

  5. Gorgeous house

  6. Oh Rosie, this is absolutely unique, brilliant and unbelievable – what a stunning house – I totally LOVE it !!!!!

    Thank you so much for participating TGiF with such a wonderful creation !

  7. Wow! Great card, so unusual

  8. wow, gorgeous, so wonderful. Great.

  9. Oh Rosie, I hope the best for you and your family.
    I will keep my fingers firmly crossed for a fast solution of your problems!

  10. bastelkueken

     /  June 15, 2008

    This is so great and wonderful – perfect design

  11. Susann – thanks very much! I’m thinking exactly the same thing!! We’ll see what this week brings… xxx

  12. Great work Rosie – and you go get em tiger – – sending DD big hugs as I’m sure its devestating for her!

  13. Lovely card!
    Hey, “remember 10 000 visits”-lottery at my blog? YOU WIN!! Congratulations!Did you get my e-mail? Please, send me your address, so I can send you something for cardmaking 🙂
    Best wishes, Anne S.

  14. Viva Bader- Baker

     /  June 16, 2008

    I love cats too! I one Bangel and one long haired older tabby and their names are names are Bill who was the first cat to show up at our back when I was 13yrs old and Clemy our 2nd just showed up this Spring he so much like a wild animal. Viva Bader-Baker Seattle,WA 98112

  15. Great house!!!! So sorry to hear about your DD’s trouble. Will keep you & your family in my prayers.

  16. Anne – ooooohhhhh, how exciting! Thanks, I have emailed you! 😉

    Viva – cats are so cool!!

    Carol – it’s another bump in the Road of Life. I’d rather I went through it than DD, but I suppose it’s a learning process… thanks!


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