Row Houses

I took part in an international Row House swap between March and May and I received my houses a week or so ago, but due to family difficulties, I haven’t posted since last week. Well here is my fabulous street which I am going to hang in my lounge in the very near future!

Aren’t they something? I’m very privileged to have received these stunning miniature works of art from a group of very talented ladies. I thank each and every one of them!

Update: On the home front, we haven’t resolved the issues surrounding DD’s unhappiness at school, despite a meeting between her and those girls involved and a teacher. Apologies made (bar one) were insincere and meant only to pacify the teacher. They did nothing to restore my DD’s faith in the school system. I do believe that our school system is not necessarily right for all children and that homeschooling in the UK has certainly moved on since we last did it 4 years ago. DD is older now and much more focussed. She has her social network firmly in place at weekends, which is when most rurally-housed children meet up and the rest of the week she can study for HER future from home.

I’d rather not have a depressed, nervous, self-doubting child at school – I want my bright, beautiful, talented daughter back and we’ll do our best to continue her education (in the broadest possible sense) in an atmosphere of chaotic harmony at home…

Thank you to all of you who have sent us your love and support on Forums, in emails and comments here. It means a lot to us and I’ll let you know when the “Home-Ed” blog starts so you can share the fun!! 🙂

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  1. Didn’t read the post below until now and I feel for you Rosie. I am so sorry those tender minds have to go through such turmoil to harden up. I wish we could all stay tender and innocent like when we were born. Do what you feel is right in your heart.

    Lovely houses!

  2. I LOVE the row houses you received!! Please, if you have time, think about posting the ones you made for the swap, too! I hope you took pics of your work! These are lovely! I am so impressed with all the houses from all the participants! Jeri really did put together a marvellous exchange!

    I emailed you re: life and stuff. In short, BRAVO to you for knowing what your DD needs and being her advocate!! You should give lessons on being a good mom!!

  3. Anna – very true what you say… there is a growing movement here in the UK towards homeschooling. They call it “The Quiet Revolution”…

    Barbara – I shall post them all in a row too! I did photograph them and have blogged some for challenges, now and again.
    You have made me blush again! Nick and I have brought DD up to be herself and would always defend her right to be an individual at all costs. She didn’t ‘fit’ into school ealier in her life and I think she’s outgrown her peers again now, so the only way forward is to homeschool, until she feels the need to slot into a different system when she reaches 15 or 16 and can attend college.
    Her happiness is and always will be the most important thing to us! xoxoxo

  4. Wow, they are stunning, gorgeous collection of houses 🙂 You know some really talented people.

  5. Gorgeous houses Rosie

    Hugs for you, Nick and Amber I really hope everything settles down soon xx

  6. Sian – I do, don’t I?!! 😉

    Julie – thanks hun, I’m feeling much more optimistic now… just have to undo the damage the ‘system’ has done to DD! xoxoxo

  7. I just love your little row of houses that your friends have made for you.

    We have one of our family being home tutored and the change in him is remarkable….so you stick to your guns hunni… and well done you x

  8. carolann

     /  June 19, 2008

    The houses are brilliant Rosie cant wait to see the ones you did. And the very best to your home schooling I think it is brilliant and Amber will be life wise as well as learning for exams she will not have to put up with the peer pressure at school All the very best hun.xxxxx

  9. Hi Rosie! Thanks for stopping by. Thankfully Rexy has not yet discovered that she can cut her own hair! The markers are adventure enough for me – some of the marks look like faded bruises and now I’m afraid to take her to the grocery store! (Although if you look closely you can tell that they are made by a series of small, marker-like lines)

    I’m so sorry about your troubles with your DD and school. With Rexy’s autism I fear we are headed for some of the same issues. My DH had a terrible school experience because of his autism making him unable to read social cues. Your DD sounds like she is lucky to have you for a parent. Taking her out of a bad situation will be better for her in the long run.

    Can’t wait to see the pick of your houses all lined up!

  10. Carolann – considering what you’ve been through with your Mum, I’m touched that you have enough energy lft to think of my problems – bless you hunni! xoxoxo

    Laurie – these ‘special’ kids are just different and boy, am I glad! She needs to know that it’s okay to be unconventional and these days, at least we are allowed to homeschool… I am lucky to have DD for a daughter as you are, Rexy!
    I’m impatient to mount the Houses, to be honest!

  11. lovely seeing all the row houses, how will you mount them? i am eager to see them again! plese feel free to email when you feel up to it

  12. Pauline – I think I shall mount them on a large piece of wood so I can have a whole street along one wall! I’ll be in touch! xx


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