Hats off to the Birdie!

When I made myself a Tote Bag, I had no idea that people would want me to make them one too! I also have been asked to send one to SewSomerset for possible publication. Well, as those of you who read my blog will know, we’ve had a few ‘family issues’ lately, as a result of which, DD will be homeschooled for the forseeable future.

Naturally, it’s been a case of artlingus-interruptus and me and my Mojo have been fighting fatigue all week. However, we managed, in consultation with the Client, to complete her commissioned bag this afternoon and the sample for despatch to the US is also practically complete, ready for posting. This front panel is for the “Arty-Farty Birdie Bag” No.3 and as the beautiful lady in the image is wearing a rather unmissably huge hat, she’ll do as my entry to Theme Thursday “Hats”!

This is such a romantic image and I’ve added glass beads with roses in them to the right, machine-stitched 2 pink wire-stemmed roses to the top and the left hand side, embroidered pink daisies, (which is how I attached the panel to the front flap of the bag) with seed bead centres and sewn french knots to the corners too! I hope they like it at the magazine!

If my Client chooses to show her Arty-Farty Birdie Bag on her blog, you’ll see No.2! I now have another 1 commissioned and a special birthday request… I hope life settles soon though, ‘cos I’m missing my paper, ink and paints too!


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  1. lovely creation!

  2. wow .. this is beautiful !!!

  3. Lovely. Especially like the fabric behind the image.

  4. Very lovely!

  5. How very exciting for you Rosie to have your Lovely bags in demand and it’s no wonder, they really are fabulous! This image is stunning and so soothing!

  6. What a treasure to carry around, Rosie! Every little detail is so lovely!

  7. Just gorgeous, Rosie! I love the softness and elegance to your piece.

  8. Sandy

     /  June 20, 2008

    Wow this is such a wonderful piece.
    Love the fabric and the elegance of this piece.

  9. This is so lovely.Great work! ( I’m glad that you liked my “goodie”, and ATC 🙂 )

  10. Wow this is gorgeous Rosie, I love the stitching and the beads, really beautiful work

  11. Rosie I adore you bags. This one is beautiful. You are doing the right thing with your DD. Good luck with the homeschooling blog, but I hope that you will still get loads of time to keep up your lovely art blog.
    Thanks again for being our 1st guest designer
    yours tracey

  12. Tracey – thanks mate! Oh I’m not letting my blog go ‘dry’ at any cost! It’s too much fun sharing with everyone and seeing what you are all up to! 🙂

  13. Brilliant bag Rosie ! x


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