Step Outside Your Box Saturdays is definitely the most challenging of challenges for me. Every week Lisa sets us a challenge that, for me, takes us way outside our warm and fuzzy creative comfort zone. This week I found metallics very simple – I like bling in paint and I have the sprays and means (!!) to experiment now… Last week wasn’t so easy. This is what Lisa proposed:

Recently on Kristy Kristopherson’s blog she posted some pieces she did that had deep personal meaning to her. I also have a SIL who does assembleges and each one of them has some specific meaning, if not to her personally in general.  She did a peice on war not to long ago, she’s done some biblically driven pieces as well, Adam & Eve, etc. Now I’m not asking necessarily for you to share some deep seeded personal art unless of course you feel comfortable doing so, but making something that MEANS something, as well as being a fabulous piece of art.

So, I had all this cr*p to deal with – the bullying and bitching DD went through at school, their lack of response, the stress and the almost ‘feral’ rage of a Mama-Cat when her cub is threatened, etc. I had part of this image in my head. Getting it down on paper wasn’t so easy. I was very tired but I did find it cathartic. I expect the reason I have oversprayed it with the mists is symbolic, or maybe I don’t want you to see the ‘bare bones’? It doesn’t matter – I think I should share this… It’s about time I allowed my inner ‘adult’ the same courtesy as my inner child!

Here’s a close-up of the top part…

I’d be interested to know what you see – although I did write “Don’t mess with my family”.


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  1. giffers

     /  June 23, 2008

    Wow rosie, this is deep. Do I see claws/talons in there? Thanks for sharing this with us. Yep, this week was easy, mostly cause my brain is mush from remodeling the dining room.

  2. I think it is great, Rosie , that you chose to express your momma-cat defensiveness and protectiveness through your art. Not all art has to be “pretty” and sometimes the most meaningful stuff isn’t ! And you are so right about letting that inner adult out… I think I may need me some of that !

  3. Is that a broken limb next to her head and blood gushing out of her head. Am I sick? :-))

    I know how angry I get when someone messes with my family. Remember that world without colors card I made?

    I think what we are feeling has to come out in one form or the other, so we can let go of it and feel peaceful again.

  4. Lisa – yes indeedy… to the right of my head is paw with claws extended…

    Kimbo – I agree completely. Sometimes the truth will out!

    Anna – no, you’re not sick. Initially, I drew a Cobra, with its hood out, fangs ready to strike, next to the Jaguar’s head, Behind the human on the right/above, are books. On the opposite side, would’ve been jungle/palm trees, but Nick said if you look at it from a short distance away, the cobra looks like an eye and the palm fronds like hair!

    I think that’s what I love most about art… you won’t find 2 people who see the same thing the same way, merely different perspectives! Perhaps I should practise drawing every day… *grins*

  5. I dont think I can add much that hasn’t been said except to say that the effect of looking at your painting is immediate and explains so well how you feel. I’m glad you posted it but not glad you have been so upset. I hope things are better now hon x

  6. Rubymay – thank you! Things are slowly getting better… ’tis the nature of the process! xxx

  7. Rosie, although I understand that you want to know, what we see (long live curiosity ;-)) the only thing that matters to me is that you said: ‘I did find it cathartic’.

    And, by the way, I don’t think, that you oversprayed it with the mists 😉
    To me, it looks disturbing and pastels just wouldn’t do here.

    I’m glad that everything is slowly getting better – get on!

  8. carolann

     /  June 25, 2008

    Wow this is fantastic Rosie family is so important and mothers always protect their children it is in built no matter what age they are WTG girl your work is fab xxxx


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