Thinking about Cake!

I can’t get cakes off my mind today! I used my Eat Cake stamp to decorate a tag to accompany some cards I was commissioned to make which I’ll be posting tomorrow and then by luck, I found a small packet of stickers I have never used, for this card, which will be my entry for Laura’s Layers of Color challenge this week. I took a powder blue card and added patterned vellum – from Anne’s blog candy – on which I stamped the lady (Diva Impressions) and added the stickers. A scrap of pink eyelash fibres, et voila!

I used Invisidots to adhere the vellum to the card. Not my usual style, but I do like how it turned out. Now for a really drop-dead gorgeous card which came in the post from Annette in Oz… OMG, I haven’t stopped drooling over it since it arrived!

 Isn’t it divine? Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Annette made a fab video tutorial showing how she transferred images to fabric using water and although I tried really hard to do it, mine just wouldn’t come out. I told her and we exchanged emails about the process, the photopapers she uses and whether or not it’s my printer’s inks… with the result that she very generously offered to send me some stuff to try out. I received this beautiful card, some sheets of photopaper, some images to transfer and some transferred by Annette to fabric.

I am overwhelmed by her kindness. The Blogosphere has enabled me to ‘meet’ some remarkable artists, from whom I learn so much and I am so blessed by their wonderful kindnedd. Thank you Annette, so very, very much!

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  1. I love the vellum and the cake. Beautiful outcome. The card you received from Annette is beeeeautiful.

  2. Your card is fresh and sweet, like a delicate treat right out of the oven!

  3. Good enough to eat Rosie ! x

  4. Have not heard whether you received the cards from me. I have not received any from you. “Murder” and two mystery ones?

  5. I hope they arrive this week Nancy… I shall let you know as soon as they do.

  6. Both are gorgeous!

  7. 2 fabulous cards ,beautiful work ,xxxxx

  8. fab cards! speaking of cake, i’m making loads tomorrow for the boys to take to school for the fete!! lol

  9. carolann

     /  June 25, 2008

    Beautiful card Rosie I love it well done

  10. Sally – I do hope the cakes travel well in the post… 😉

    Carolann – thank you hunni! xxx

  11. Love the detail on the cake- who doesn’t love birthday cake? Great job!

  12. Right you are, Rosie! We are 2 peas in a pod. . . or at the very least, we’re adept at catching the same brain wave! I love your happy blue card, and ….stickers! Hooray! Aren’t they fun? Once I gave myself permission to use them, I’ve been playing like a kid and enjoying every minute of it!! I know it’s a departure for you, too, but so fun!!
    I just LOVE the contrast between that serious blue image and patterned vellum, and the cheerful hat and cake! Bravo, my friend!

  13. Beautiful cards!

  14. Hi Rosie
    glad all the bits got to you Ok and you liked the card I made as well…shame I spelt principally wrong LOL….were you able to fix that part?I’m loving all your art work here and believe me you need little if any help *grin*


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