My last CJ entry (I hope!)

A couple of years ago, I really got into Circle Journals and scrapbooking in a big way. That lasted for 2 CJs and the second one still isn’t complete! We had a break in the chain, a couple of books went missing and well, it put me off. Plus, the cost of posting these Journals every month is just silly. I’m glad I experienced the whole CJ movement, but I wouldn’t do another one.

Here are my final 2 pages, for Cat’s DGD Kemi-Lea. Her book is for her granddaughter and the theme is Disney. My first thought was… dismay! I’m not a ‘Disney’ kind of person, just in case you hadn’t noticed! But then I had one of those ‘lightbulb moments’ – Pirates of the Caribbean is made by Disney and I have been madly in love with Cap’n Jack Sparrow since the first film was released, so I knew I could do this one justice.

I scanned 2 of the DVD covers, printed them out and proceeded to tear them up, burn them and wax them! Yay!! Or should that be Yo Ho Ho?!!

The tearing of edges is par for the course for me, pretty painless in fact! The burning I learned from Lisa Vollrath – using lemon juice and a heat gun – really!! It’s so simple and very effective (See HERE). My covers look like faux treasure maps, don’t they? I do enjoy working with wax and instead of using ordinary candles, I had a root around in one of my boxes and found another of those rolled beeswax candles.

I discovered that by cutting into the candle I could peel away a thin piece of it and then working with pieces of candle and my tiny travel iron, I placed the candle on the card and melted it, spreading it around with the iron. You have to be quick with attaching things to the hot wax, but I managed to fix a ring pull, a coin, some tiny beads and a few scraps of burlap with very little trouble.

The best thing with these thin sheets of wax is that there’s no waste, you tear or break off what you need and any not melted goes back into the wrapper with the rest of the candle. It smells lovely, has a gorgeous golden hue and would probably sell as an interactive cold remedy – honey & lemon pages – hehehe!!! 😉

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  1. These are awesome. I am supposed to make a journal, decide on a theme and send it out by the end of the month. Haven’t decide on any of those yet.

    I have seen wax being used on somethings I received in a swap, but I thought it might be messy. Will try the link you gave when I am ready.

  2. I’m with you, Rosie. Not a Disney person at all, but I’ll watch Johnny Depp in anything! Love Captain Jack, and you’ve done him proud in both of these!! Lemon juice and a heat gun, really? I’ve been using candles, incense sticks…anything short of a flame-thrower, and I could have just gotten a lemon and a heat gun??? You need to write a book!!!

  3. Anna – I think deciding on a theme is the hardest part! Good luck hunni! The wax can be messy, but I did find the iron and small pieces of wax very easy to work with and not messy at all… for a change! 😉

    Barbara – I know exactly where you’re coming from… the lemon juice tip is fab… and I found it by accident whilst watching a couple of Lisa’s videos. She is an absolute mine of useful stuff… 🙂

  4. This is so good Rosie ! Thanks for letting us know about the lemon juice as well x

  5. great way to burn, on my last MM – Dance i discovered gesso burns well.. using just a common match! row houses are up, if you care to look

  6. OOOOoooOOOoooOOOoooooohh! gimme gimme gimme! 😉

    Kemi-Lea is a VERY lucky girl!
    lemon juice tip is great, shall remember that hun

    LOL @ honey & lemon pages tho! xx

  7. barnie

     /  July 4, 2008

    How fantastic…. love these movies 🙂


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