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This is a very stylised piece of work – for Saturday’s Workout, the challenge is image transfer and for TGIF, Heike and Sandy asked for keys. This is a very mixed media collage – layers, burnt bits, wire, beads, layers of ink, glaze, mists, gesso… all on a 6″ square placemat/coaster!

The image was transferred onto a painted piece of paper and card – a la Claudine Hellmuth, with water! I glazed it with glossy accents. The background was built up before adding it.

Aleysha is the nearly 4 year old daughter of young friends of ours. She has developed a rare condition which affects her platelets – they are way too low. She can’t go to nursery school for fear of hurting herself; she can’t play on her slide or her bike, for fear of hurting herself. Her platelet count varies between 4 and 7 – critically low. It’s possible that her spleen is functioning in reverse. We don’t know….

She underwent a bone marrow test this week and her platelets went to 1 during the procedure. We are all terribly afraid that this bright little girl – pretty as a picture – the apple of her Mummy, Daddy, and her grandparents’ eyes will not get better. She’s so tiny and so exhausted. She doesn’t understand why she’s tired all the time. She doesn’t get why she can’t do all the things a kid her age should be doing.

Neither do we. I pray that we all get some news soon and that the medical experts can manage her condition, treat it and cure it. I just feel so helpless…

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  1. beautiful piece, love the beads.

    thoughts and prayers with Aleshya.

  2. it’s beautiful Rosie, great layering and i love the colours!!

  3. Sandy

     /  July 13, 2008

    Wow wow wow Rosie this is unbelievable piece.
    Gorgeous. Love them.

    Thanks for joining TGiF and Saturday´s Workout.

  4. Klasse Hängerchen.

  5. Beautiful!

  6. carolann

     /  July 13, 2008

    Rosie this is fantastic well done hun xxx

  7. Beautiful work Rosie, love all the layers.

  8. She will be in my prayers Rosie. xx
    BEAUTIFUL coaster!! So many different bits and bobs!!
    MAn i havent been herer in yonks!! (sorry 😦 )
    But LOOOVING all the latest work you are pumping out!! 😀

  9. A beautiful piece from a beautiful heart.
    I will add my prayers to yours Rosie for this dear little girl x

  10. Poor wee Alyesha – I sure hope that they find a cure too Rosie. 🙂 🙂

    Your artwork is amazing – love it to bits and that wired handle finished it off beautifully. Love your work – it is soooo inspiring and different. 🙂 🙂


  11. Beautiful piece!

  12. Gorgeous collage.


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