Meet Harry!

Created by Hand have asked us to include ‘envelopes’ in our artwork this week and I have turned ‘Harry’ into a romantic ATC! He’s one of the characters from Home Impressions Victorian Plate, which arrived this morning from the Netherlands! I don’t really know what his name might have been, but to me, he’s Harry!

Handsome, isn’t he?!! I made a small envelope with printed letter vellum and the macho sticky ribbon scrap is from Anita’s range.

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  1. carolann

     /  July 15, 2008

    Brilliant work Rosie he is a great image hun xxxx

  2. Very nice! He is handsome. I like how you write with such ease on your creations. I freeze up as soon as I start writing and mess up something somewhere.

  3. Harry is devilishly handsome, Rosie! He and I have actually met once before–a couple of blog posts back. I recognize him from the fab sheet of Home Impressions stamps! Wow! He looks great on your ATC! Whoever he was in RL, I’m sure he’s thanking you for making him look so good and increasing his popularity with the women!!

  4. Carolann – thanks hun!

    Anna – It’s your artwork, your writing…. just go for it! I do practise on scraps when it really matters, but not always!! 😉

    Barbara – I think he’s a chip off the ‘Edgar’ block!! 😀

  5. LOVE that you’ve named him!! Great text from Harry too! So much detail on such a tiny “canvas”!!

  6. A+ for creative thinking! How fun!!!

  7. Brilliant as usual Rosie …and thanks for making me smile.
    It looks like Harry is going to have quite a fan club …Lol

  8. Love it, great card!


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