Tagging a fairy!

I don’t really work comfortably with fairies… I have this belief that they aren’t at all the romantic little creatures they are portrayed to be. I subscribe to the alternative belief that they live in the shadows so they can trip you up in the garden or pull your hair when you walk through the trees. No, I’m not a fan of fairies, but I did manage to stick one down onto a tag for Anne and Sam this week!

I used part of my DH’s aftershave box for the tag… it’s midnight blue and is called Dreams – you can just make it out on the blue background. I cut the fairy from a sheet of Dovecraft Fantasy paper (not keen on this range I’m afraid) and stamped the Heart & Soul (Inkadinkadoo) collage stamp on her with Whispers Azure ink. I found the word ‘dream’ in an old dictionary, overstamped that with the same and stuck it to the bottom of the tag. I used the edge of a pair of scissors to distress the edges and then adhered the fairy with 3D foam, added the arrow the same way, used a spiral clip to attach the bead and stuck the feathers into the ribbon. The sequin flowers were a gift from Aunty Pat and the ribbon came all the way from the US attached to the Layers of Color stamps Laura sent me!

Even though it’s certainly far from my favourite subject, I’m happy wth how it looks!

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  1. She’s in the spotlights allright. Nice tag.

  2. Aaah Rosie, you’re a good ‘un!!! What a star you are – I hate clowns, and in particular Pierrot, and there was a mad run of them in blogland not so long ago, and I ducked out of every one of them, so I can appreciate all the more how brill you are for playing with this theme!! And your tag goes beyond anything you’d expect from anyone who dislikes the subject matter so much – personally I think it’s absolutely fantatastic and I especially love the dangling charm touch! Thanks Rosie for playing along! You’re a star!! ;o) xx

  3. This is awesome Rosie!! You did an excellent job! I love all the shades of blue. I think the same about fairies that you do…guess I’ve watched Tinkerbell too much and how she was mean when she didn’t get her way. LOL

  4. Stunning – great details love the feather and clip..

  5. Whow…love your nice Tag.
    Beautiful colour!!!

  6. I’m with you and Anne both, since I’m not a fan of fairies or clowns! but, Rosie, you did a fine job with a shaving lotion box and some cutouts and charms and such. It’s gorgeous in its colors. And what a good sport you are to participate.

  7. carolann

     /  July 19, 2008

    Great work hun WTG xxxx

  8. Beautiful tag Rosie – great recycling!! x

  9. And still another place where our ideas intersect: I, too, find fairies to be sinister little creatures, like gnomes and goblins. But I admit to a certain fascination with them, and your tag is marvellous! I recognized the ribbon from Laura even before I read your post….it’s lovely and I’ve been waiting for the creative spark to use mine, too!

  10. Wow, really beautiful tag!! So nice blue colour.

  11. very beautiful tag rosie and love the ribbon

  12. Fantastic Fairy Tag.

  13. WOW!!! This is from someone who doesn’t like fairies??? WOW!!! It’s my favourite colour anyway, but doesn’t detract from what a FAB tag this is! Love the feather and sparkle and oh, LOVE the dangly charm! Stunning fairy too! Thanks SO much for taking part in this challenge (even when it’s not a favourite subject matter!)

  14. That is so beautiful Rosie!
    You seriously cant tell you dislike fairies!!
    Have you ever seen Peter Pan?
    Maybe that’s why? 😛

  15. barnie

     /  July 21, 2008

    Such a wonderful fairy.

  16. Hopefully the fairies will let you off any trickery when they see how beautifully you portrayed them Rosie! Lovely tag x


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