Giles returns!

I tried using muted tones of browns for my background this evening, with watercolour pencils on text pages. I made a couple of ATCs for the Step Outside Your Box Saturday challenge and to introduce Gorgeous Giles – The Right Honourable himself! He’s back from the Grand Tour and hoping that Sophie hasn’t forgotten him. He wants desperately to see her again and if he still feels the same, to ask her to marry him! He may be a penniless peer at the moment, but he has prospects and rich, old relatives who dote on him!

Enter Soraya, the sinister Eastern woman… why is she in London? Who is she seeking? Could it be Harry? She has risked much to travel alone to the City in search of… her husband! (Cue sinister fanfare – dan-dan-dannnnn!!)

So the plot thickens – well and truly!! All the Victorian characters which have inspired my little romance/thriller/mystery are from Home Impressions and truly delightful to work with! I am having way too much fun, aren’t I?!

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  1. I’m having too much fun reading your story!

    I make up stories in my head along the way with almost everything I create. For me the pieces that didn’t inspire stories are never the most successful ones.

    And don’t leave us hanging! Continue this, please! I want to know what happens next!

  2. Yes you are. Nice to read a story to go along with faces of strangers. Liking the names you are giving them too.

  3. giffers

     /  July 23, 2008

    how pretty Rosie! I already have next weeks challenge typed and waiting to be published. *hint* get out your photos.

  4. Very original to create a storyline along with your artwork! Wonderful idea and fabulous artwork!

  5. They are gorgeous!


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