What a wallet!

I finished this little fabric paper wallet off today ready for its long journey tomorrow! Here are the stages before I added the ribbon fastening and the decorative, fun beads, which I know its new owner will enjoy. It’s also my entry for This Thursday, it’s all about…. “ribbons” (Bowdacious ones???).

Lined with a piece of yellow felt (machine-stitched directly to the fabric paper without glue). I used Gutermann green shiny (lurex-style) thread, working with the colours in the paper, which are fairly bold!

Before adding beads and the ribbon closure…

The finished article! I am rubbish at tying bows, as you can see and the next one will probably have a button or a fat bead and a loop instead! Never mind, it’s still cute for some tissue paper and glue, isn’t it?!! And I have Sandiee (Auntys Forum) to thank for the piece of ribbon, which I believe she sent me inside my birthday card… awwww!! See, I am such a hoarder!

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  1. Brill Rosie…!
    I see you used some more of your fabric paper that you made, and I love your use of the paper patterns.
    What an imagination you have !

  2. Rubymay – thank you hunni!! I love messing about with this sort of thing – I m totally undisciplined and very child(ish)-like in my approach. It’s just fun!!!! xoxoxo

  3. Wow Rosie
    Love this. I will have to find out more about fabric paper, love the colours. Thanks for taking part in this weeks challenge
    Hugs Tracey

  4. carolann

     /  August 11, 2008

    Wow I love this Rosie its absolutely brilliant love the fabric WTG hun xxxxx

  5. Oh how original .. love the colours on the fabric.. really nice item well done!

  6. I don’t get time to drop by your blog as often as I’d like, but I’m never disappointed when I do, to see all the different techniches and projects you do, wtg hunni, your creativeness is endless, i love your work
    (((((hugs))))) Jo xx

  7. WOW! I knew you would come up with something wonderful for that gorgeous paper, but I am just wowed by this!! What a fabulous wallet! I love the yellow lining! This is wonderful, Rosie!

  8. jami rudd

     /  August 13, 2008

    Beautiful! your so talented.

  9. Judy

     /  August 13, 2008

    That is so beautiful! I would be so proud to carry that! I love your work, you are talented! I can’t do much myself. I make dotee dolls and hope to make a journel if i can figure out how! LOL. Thanks for sharing. HUGS

  10. your work is a wonderful as ever!


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