Tag, You’re it!

Anne and Sam are really naughty! I mean, Christmas in August… come on girls! Personally, the thought makes me shiver. I am very much a ‘Bah Humbug’ person – can’t stand all the forced/false gaiety around the most commercial holiday in the whole year. It’s an excuse to over-eat, overspend and over-indulge! See, I said I was bah humbuggy! So to find out that the challenge this week from one of my favourite blogs is……….. Christmas tags sent me into panic mode.

The only saving grace for me was playing with the new Christmas stamp sheet Ria sent me from Home Impressions. They are gorgeous to work with – unusual, quirky and traditional, all on one sheet! So here is a triple tag – embellies are from Auntys shop, cos they’re fun to add to stamped tags and cards. Then I made 2 plain tags using the holly stamp which will be fab for backgrounds and added berries with Anita’s 3D gloss paint. I make little flowers with these too… they make you want to feel them, because they stay a little bit tacky and go all shiny!! (I am such a big kid, aren’t I?!)

These will all probably end up on xmas cards to my friends at Auntys… I really like the Home Impressions plate – versatile, isn’t it?

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  1. Oooh I like these – and you made so much – I will have to get going with tags too (as well as xmas cards!!) – love all the backgrounds

  2. carolann

     /  August 16, 2008

    Stunning tags Rosie well done hun xxxx

  3. Humbug my foot. 5 gorgeous tags. Love them all.

  4. ROFL!!! @ you Ebenezer!!!! :oD What’re you saying?? Christmas is cosy log fires, mulled wine, the smell of oranges and cinnamon all around, twinkling lights and carol singers at the door and plate of warm mince pies on the table ~ or it’s swearing at the decorations that stink of 12 months of storage and won’t untangle, shouting at the kids for fighting over new toys, or stressing because everyone’s about to descend on you and you’re not in the mood, or queuing at the checkout for hours because everyone in front has shopped like they’re never going to get the chance to shop again!!!! LOL!!

    But your tags are fab!!! Those new stamps look terrific ~ I specially love the tree one! Despite your loathing of the subject I think you’re an absolute gem to play along, and Thank You soooo much! ;o) See you next week for Valentines!! (just kidding, honest!!! LOL!) x

  5. Anne – pmsl!! I think it’s the waste that bugs me and the silly way people buy so much – as you say, as if they’re never going shopping again! Bah, bah, bah!! Don’t mind Valentine’s though!! 😉

  6. gorgeous tags Rosie and I agree with your sentiments – people just go way over the top now with christmas and you’d think the shops were going to be shut for a month..but I do love it with the grandkids…

  7. Crumbs….you have been busy Rosie ! I love the berry idea….and yes you are a big kid Lol…but thats why we all love you !
    Fabby work !

  8. Lol @ Anne and Rosie!!!! Get Tesco/Amazon to deliver Christmas….easy!!! I have to admit I love Christmas these days (now there’s no hot and busy kitchens involved!) and become a bit of a kid again…I love wrapping presents, making mince pies and cake and decorating the tree … BUT the shops shove it at you WAY too early and after all that preparation it’s over in about 5 minutes!


    FABULOUS tag(s)…love all the details, they all look so tactile…and thanks SO much for being such a festive star and playing along despite the bah humbugness 😉

  9. Love these tags Rosie. I especially like those words and other die cuts you used on there.

    I don’t do Christmas shopping, since I will be buying more for me than for presents. I leave it up to Tim, since it is his family we give gifts to anyway. My folks are still in India and they don’t do Christmas. Works for me 🙂


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