Bling bling!

I belong to a couple of Art Groups on Yahoo – to learn, to lurk, to participate in swaps, chat, etc. On the UKArt group, one of our members created a fab tutorial on how she makes her textured cards. It’s a Word Doc. as she doesn’t have a blog (a crying shame!), but the photos made it really easy to follow.

DH thought I was mad when he saw 3 of these appear one evening:

The following day, he saw the ‘rubbish’ slowly disappear under a coat of acrylic paint, like this:

Yes I know it’s blurry, but I wanted to get to the next stage and didn’t bother to check that the pics were okay before starting on Phase 3!!! When he saw these, DH was rather impressed and has now offered to buy me some canvas boards and more acrylics – which has got to be a first. He knows how passionate I am about art, but he sort of tolerates the stash… especially now I have fabric too! So, I digress. Here are the fruits of my labours:

So, lovely aren’t they? The green is my favourite, although I love the blue and silver too. The best bit is that I can continue to add to these pieces with fibres, charms, etc until I’m completely happy. It’ll be interesting to see if I can part with them when they go up for sale!! I’m going to make some different-sized pieces too and see what happens when I incorporate an image… I have a canvas that’s ideal for the purpose.

So these 3 pieces are my entry into This Thursday, “Bling’s the thing”! Good luck to their new Design Team member – I hope it works out really well. Tracey and Susie seem to be having a little run of problems with the DT. That’s the trouble with “Real Life” – it has no consideration – LOL!

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  1. It’s stunning, I like the green with gold the most! Good luck with it;o)

  2. Absolutely amazing transformation. The first one is my favorite:)

  3. These are fab Rosie, love all the texture and depth, my fav is definitely the 1st one.

  4. Carolann

     /  August 21, 2008

    Wowser Rosie these are absolutely awesome hun well done xxxx

  5. What is it about the green and gold one? LOL!!

  6. These are just gorgeous – love them – all of them ….

  7. I’ll have to agree the green is my favourite too!
    it shouts Autumn my favourite time of year!

  8. Yep put me down for the green and gold too. Although I also love the blue and silver. Great peices. Will be trying this myself
    Thanks for taking part in this weeks this thursday challenge

  9. OMG Rosie, I saw the top photo and thought “What the heck is she doing now, has she lost the plot or just her way?” But, nope you are producing amazing projects in your normal *uber* fantastic way and I am gob smacked at what you have created here. They are nothing short of brilliant, the green & blue ones are my favs!

    WTG Rosie

  10. Lovely work Rosie because its not as easy as it looks…and you’ve done a brilliant job x

  11. lovely xxx

  12. Oooww cool! Love all three panels. May I ask what you used to glue the items to the board? Thanks so much for sharing your work in progrees and the beautiful finished pieces.

  13. Dang – the bling queen! What a fun project and in three different hues! My favorite is the green, green like the sea, but I could sure see some nifty winter projects emerging from the blue, too.

  14. Nice job. The green is my favorite, too.

  15. They’re all fabulous, Rosie, but I’m in love with the green and golden copper! What a gorgeous combination!

    You’re right about RL! It can truly be unforgiving….it got me yesterday, which was a day spent in software H**L! Just to let you know, tho, that since it set me back a day, Marcie will be in the post on Monday, rather than today as planned…expect her soon!! XOXO

  16. Wow Rosie this is such a fantastic idea and what a result! Amazing!!

  17. Ohh, very nice Rosie, who would have thought, that is quite a transformation! The green one has such a nice vertigris metal look to it, they are all super! Special too that your husband is on board *ggg*

  18. Those are stunning!

  19. patsand31

     /  August 26, 2008

    I said I liked the green one Rosie.


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