Textured Minis…

I started making another batch of textured cards again a couple of days ago. But this time, I experimented with different sizes. I made 3 4x4s, an A4 and a WIP is a frame with collage images at the corners… As usual, all the materials I used on these were scraps, recycled from all over the house (and a few from the floor of my workroom!). So I’m delighted to see Lisa – Step Outside Your Box Saturdays – has chosen ‘Recycle, Reuse’ as her theme this week.

Red and gold – Christmas (humbug) colours and could that be ‘S’ for Santa?!!!

Green/copper – I Do like this colour combo!

Now this one was made specifically for Susie’s Blog/Wedding Candy ‘Black n White’ challenge – see the details on her blog – she makes brilliant cards – very versatile is Susie!

I think this looks like snow or frosting. These were such fun to make – just as time-consuming as the bigguns, but if I keep the materials light, I expect they have all sorts of applications! 😉

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  1. you are fabulous,I love these so much!

  2. They look all so gorgeous!!

  3. I guess this is what they mean by trash to treasure. They look very nice and don’t look like things you would generally throw away.

    Bowing to the creative one 🙂

  4. carolann

     /  August 26, 2008

    Awesome work these are really brilliant hun xxxx

  5. I love these even more than your first batch! Great textures, of course, but the colors in these, especially the metallics, are so much more vibrant and, I don’t know how else to put it – – they seem thicker…more dense, more depth, more dimensional! Anyway, I love them!!!

  6. These are all fabulous, just love texture


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