It’s a puzzle, isn’t it?

That’s loosely what This Thursday, it’s all about… is asking us to interpret. I had a lovely piece of faux leather background ready for stamping on and I used a puzzle piece on it, along with a dictionary definition. The 2 corners are inverted fabric paper offcuts!

Stamp is by Cherry Pie. If I remember rightly, the shimmery bits are from Walnut gold Glimmer mist, which I bought at Craftaway, along with the puzzle.

It’s been another dismal day here in Devon, which I’d hoped to share with my friend and her family, but she managed to put her back out just before they were due to leave and has been in agony all day long, poor love. On the bright side, she received her ‘Dream’ plaque – better late than never – and is very pleased with it!

I’ve been playing with Page 3 of the altered board book, tearing up and gluing scraps of paper to the next double layout, which was a welcome distraction as DD wanted me to watch the very creepy “Storm of the Century”. It’s a TV adaptation based on Stepehen King’s book (I assume). To my mind, he’s the weirdest guy on the planet – I’d hate to spend time alone with him! I stopped reading his books after The Sparrows are Flying…. just too weird. The classics – The Shining, The Stand, The Dead Zone I ‘got’, but Tommyknockers was really strange. Then came Dolores Claiborne and Rose Red gave me nightmares when I watched it on TV.

DD and DH watch autopsies for fun, so when they want to see stuff like “Saw IV”, they wait till I go out and they can revel in all that gore together, in peace. Me? I faint at the sight of blood, so it’s not my thing.  But I was really surprised how creeped out DD got while watching this mini-series…. *grins* Must be genetic, eh?!

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  1. OH my goodness…the background has taken my breath away! I love it! And using it with the puzzle piece really does the whole piece justice!

    all I can really say is Wow!

  2. Wonderful piece!

  3. You are right about it being dismal down in Devon!
    …but this lovely piece has certainly brightened things up !
    I love the gold shimmer. Brilliant artwork x

  4. susiebwell

     /  August 29, 2008

    Oh Rosie this is so gorgeous I love it!x

  5. First and foremost, that is one GORGEOUS piece of artwork!! I LOVE your faux leather paper, expecially the color and the shimmer! The corners using your off-cuts are yummy, and I love the stamps, text and overall design. In fact, I just LOVE this piece!!

    But secondly…..I stopped reading Stephen King after the weird Tommyknockers, too!! Couldn’t get the rhyme out of my head, and realized that he has a thing for people losing teeth…in every book almost, someone, at some time, ends up spitting out a tooth! The guy is definitely strange! And while no one watches autopsies here, when my DD was very little — 7 or 8 — she used to watch very bloody surgeries on the Discovery channel. When I asked her “why?” She told me it was to “desensitize” herself! I searched my soul to see if I had been reading too much SK while pregnant……..LOL!

  6. carolann

     /  August 30, 2008

    Stunning work Rosie (clapping)xxxx

  7. Wow this background is a knockout!! The shimmer on it is fantastic and the use of the puzzle piece and images is wonderful.
    Hope looking at this brightens your day – it certainly did that for me 🙂

  8. Brandy

     /  January 30, 2009

    You hit my weakness, I love Cherry Pie stamps and this is beautiful!


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