My favourite artist

Who’s your favourite artist? Lisa asked us to create art in homage to our faves this week at SOYBS. I have always had two faves – Picasso and Dali. I have no idea why, but Picasso I just relate to on the most basic level. I find him a complete enigma. His work always seems so simple but the longer you contemplate any one piece, the more depth there is to be discovered. He was so prolific and so versatile – and my favourite period is the ‘Blue’ art. It taught me that weird was acceptable and even funky when I was a teenager.

Dali appeals to my inner fantastical childe. Clean, beautiful lines, pristine work, geometrics, Dali incorporated all the strangest creatures and fantasies in his art. I remember buying posters for my bedroom and trying to explain them to my Mum… she just didn’t get him at all! Neither did I at the time, but I just knew what I liked.

I’m no expert on either guy, but their art is instinctively recognisable to me. I have spider-radar – can spot an ELF (eight-legged freak) – in my peripheral vision at 10 yards… and I can feel Picasso and Dali in my head! I sat and got out my pastels this evening and put my homage onto paper… Picasso = Enigma:

Before doodling…. and after:

I could have left it black and grey, but I have this thing for blue… LOL!

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  1. That is awesome Rosie!
    Man you are so busy creating gorgeous peices! LUUURVVELLY!

  2. Interesting because Dali did a major work titled: “Endless Enigma” very impressive.

  3. Both have great appeal to me too. I love the fantastic and the surreal in art, especially when combined with traditional images. I adore your take on the two artists! I’m not a “blue person” at all in real life, but it’s one of my favorite colors to use in my work, for some odd reason.

  4. Rosie, this is so beautifully thought provoking! I’m definitely into cubism and the surreal, and Picasso and Dali are two of my favs! Love Max Ernst, Magritte and Joseph Campbell, too! I love the shading you achieved with the blue and gray! And your combination of hard and soft lines. I was thinking about Dali’s “Endless Enigma” when I read what Dan said! XOXO

  5. Oooops…I meant to say Joseph Cornell, not Joseph Campbell.

  6. Barbara – I did wonder if you were eating soup at the time?!! *chuckles* 😉


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