A stitch in time…

Tag, You’re It! ‘Needle & thread’ is this week’s theme. Add some stitching to your tag art. Not a problem, but I couldn’t be bothered to get my machine out and I wanted to use some vibrantly painted corrugated cardboard for my tag, so it was all done by hand!

Had a busy day and a lovely afternoon/evening with friends but I had the urge to make a tag. I also made a fab background for my TGIF birthday card – can’t show you though ‘cos it’s not dry enough to scan! I also finished my Spring and Winter ATCs for the 4 seasons swap, so they can be posted off to Trish on Monday or Tuesday next week.

This cardboard was painted with acrylics and gel medium which I had left on the palette after working on my canvas. I cannot abide waste, so I dug into the pizza box under the counter where I keep my cardboard packaging that’s good enough quality to paint on, and hey presto… tag material! I like this colour combo very much and these lime green ceramic beads were an online bargain buy earlier this year. The dome sticker was bought at the same time. I have seasons and Art quotes.

I also got my numerals from Robin today – I only paid her at the weekend and I got my stamps this morning! *faints* How’s that for speedy delivery?! From Colorado to Devon in 5 days!

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  1. Brilliant colour combo and a lovely zingy tag !
    You’ve been busy Rosie ! I have been looking at your other new work and it looks like you’re sooo enjoying yourself…all brilliant little gems x

  2. Fantastic hand sewing! Love it!

  3. ….and absolutely brilliant it is Rosie!!! LOL!! @ finding a theme for you!! You’ve produced fantastic stuff for every single one of our themes!!! I don’t like waste either – particularly when it comes to cardstock and I always rip the chipboard off hardback envelopes to use as album covers or for die cut shapes! I love your tag – fab, vibrant and great stitching!! Thank You so much for coming back after our break and playing along again!! ;o) xx

  4. jami

     /  September 6, 2008

    great tag. I love the color combo

  5. Breathtaking tag – looks like a lot of work went in to it Rosie.

  6. Great tag, Rosie! I love the color combo, too! The blue with the lime is just wonderful!

  7. Utterly wonderful as always…LOVE your hand stitching and the pretty beads….great shimmery background too! I hate waste too and have so much in my scraps box it’s silly! Thanks so much for playing along again after our break 🙂


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