Sherry’s Blog Party!

Sherry is hosting a month-long Blogoversary party and there’s plenty of madcap fun and frolicking going on over there. After some hinting from Barbara, I’m joining in the silliness and having fun. There are Q & As, quizzes, wordgames and a jigsaw puzzle to play with – it’s rather a nice break from arty crafting TBH!

I didn’t get all the answers to the questions right this morning. My excuse, is being 1) not long out of bed; 2) not having enough caffeine in my system (=0 caffeine) and 3) I’m English and some stuff just gets lost in translation! Doh!!

I got them all apart from the ‘Triple Check’ and ‘Double Park’!??? Here’s my ‘Talk about shopping…’

  1. Where is your favorite place to shop? Asda – they have all sorts of useful and non-essential goodies at very good prices, though I like Lidl too as they sell ‘continental’ foods that I miss from living abroad.
  2. Would you rather shop on-line or in the stores? I like to do both, but being rural, we don’t have grocery-shopping delivered online yet.
  3. If you needed new undergarments, but you saw something that you didn’t really need, but just wanted, which would you buy? I’d see if I could justify buying both… *grins* ‘Cos after all, I don’t get out much!!
  4. What really annoys you about other shoppers? When they are rude and hit my DH’s wheelchair with their shopping trollies. Some people act like he’s invisible – it’s disgusting.
  5. Have you ever got up to the checkout stand and had a ton of stuff in your cart and after they rang everything up you realized you didn’t have your money, check book, debit card, or credit cards? Luckily, never! But I have had a chip n pin problem with a business debit card!
  6. If you buy something that isn’t necessary or something just for fun do you feel like you have to justify it to yourself or your partner? 100% Yes. I always feel guilty and have to justify what I spend! (I absolutely agree with this one… I am a guilt-ridden soul!)
  7. Do you hide those unnecessary things for awhile and then later claim you’ve had them for a long time? No, I never hide them, but if they’re art-related, I try and use them as quickly as possible so everybody thinks I just ‘had’ to have them!!!

Check it all out HERE.

Then Kristin Hubick from Retro Cafe Art is having a blog giveaway too… some digital collage sheets up for grabs over there. So if you’re a fan of the vintage children images, it’s worth while popping over and leaving a comment.

I’m dealing with a grumpy teen with her first head-cold today and trying to avoid her, in all honesty! Plus I’ve been sealing dominos and stuff for the Craft Fair and contemplating the usual Thursday challenges. I also have a canvas in progress that I like and want to add an image to, but I just don’t want to spoil it – it’s my first ‘proper’ mixed media canvas, so it’s kind of precious!!

Toot toot!! (sounds so ridiculous, doesn’t it?) for Barbara, who’s now a member of the This Thursday Design Team. I am so proud for her and they are so lucky to have her. She’s the best friend I have ever made across the Ocean and has taught me so much. She just gives and gives of her knowledge and experience and my life (and my artwork) is richer for knowing her. Big hugs to you, my friend! xoxoxo

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  1. It’s so nice to meet you through Sherry”s party! you are so creative! I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog. I always want to do altered art, but when it comes right down to it I just don’t seem to know what to do!

  2. Hey Rosie
    Great to see ya at Sherry’s – it’s a great idea and have seen some brilliant artwork and blogs!
    Great answers by the way!


  3. *blushing* from the compliments…..Thank you Rosie, for your kind words. I’m not that comfortable with tooting my own horn, but I do feel honored to be a part of the team at This Thursday! and I am completely comfortable with tellling you that my life is much richer because of this friendship we share!! Hugs to you!!! XOXO


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