Sunday share – freebies

I was sorting through some old postcards last night, picking out those I thought would be good for collage or just fun and I came across these vintage European ones – 1 I know is of German origin, but the Hummel series, I am not sure about. I hope you find them fun and please feel free to use them in your creations if you like them. I’d love to see what, if anything, you do with the images, so do let me know by leaving a link to your artwork, please?!

 Isn’t she just too cute?

And this one’s just “cheeky”!! Where the heart is on the postcard, is cut out… *grins* Just click on the images for the larger version and save to your PC. As I own the originals, I don’t think there’s a copyright issue here. I give you all my permission to have fun with my postcards!!

Don’t forget about the ‘Numerals’ background challenge… the more the merrier!! HERE it is.

It’s a lovely day here (for a change) and rain is forecast for this evening, so I have all my washing on the line, have dealt with those chores that one is obliged to do and I am going to have some breakfast while I decide what I shall make for one of the girlies at work, who’s just turned 18… Might show you later!!

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  1. Just couldn’t resist copying these – there has to be something very soon I can use them on and of course I shall give you a mention. Thank you xxx

  2. Thanks for allowing me to take a couple freebies…I sure will be back!!!


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