Crows are my favourite bird (today!)

Well to be quite honest, when you live with a parrot that talks non-stop and then tells herself to shut up, wouldn’t a silent crow be your favourite bird?! Gizmo is a lot of fun until your favourite programme comes on TV and you just want to indulge in a bit of escapism and she starts… even when she is covered, she still calls, very plaintively, “Hello?”

This one’s for B, who left me comment on ‘It’s a loooong post’ saying that it never occurred to her to do an image transfer on a domino and it’s the theme at Created by Hand too:

I can assure you he doesn’t look half as shabby in RL! Another one of Lisa Vollrath’s domino images and some Liquitex gel medium, the patience to burnish thoroughly and leave it to dry, made this my most successful transfer so far. I simply added a coat of clear nail varnish to him and left him overnight. It looks great. I may have to drill a hole and wear him as a pendant! I also would like to carve a ‘barbed wire’ stamp to add to the bottom – I’ve been doing quite a bit of tattoo image artwork with Nick lately and I do like barbed wire… *grins*

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  1. love it!

  2. hastingshall2

     /  September 17, 2008

    Wow, Rosie, this is incredible!!! It does look great.

  3. carolann

     /  September 17, 2008

    Wow awesome work hun WTG xxx

  4. This worked out wonderfully. Looks great

  5. Nice domino.

  6. I love crows and ravens! Your transfer is beautiful, Rosie!! And you’re interested in tatoo art?? Just last year I was on a tatto art kick and had the idea to do a series of art quilts using tatto design and colors…..but in the meantime I got back into paper and glue, and the rest is history (still in the making)! We do have so many things in common!!

  7. Sandy

     /  September 18, 2008

    Wow great Domino.
    Fabulous work.

  8. Great idea, and well done

  9. wow…you just get cleverer and cleverer ! This is incredible Rosie…Bravo hun x

  10. Looks great!


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