Friends 4×4

Briefly, here’s my card for this week’s theme at Theme Thursday – Friends 4×4 – featuring a Mother/Daughter image from DCS. I chose to make this because until she passed, my Mum was my best friend and I still miss her terribly.

I’ve had the most wonderful day today. Nick arranged for 4 severely disabled guys from The Leonard Cheshire Trust Home local to us to try their hand at fishing today, using the Bideford Angling Club’s Lake in Gammaton. The Professional Coaches (both themselves disabled) gave their time for free and DD and I joined in making teas, coffees, bacon butties and helping cast out, land fish and put maggots on hooks. Even the weather was gloriously kind to us and I now have to go download the photos and blog about it for Nick’s Reels on Wheels Blog and Forum.

Edited: If you’d like to see the photos of our marvellous day, click HERE.  And for those of you who don’t know, a bacon butty is merely a bread roll or sandwich with a couple of slices of cooked bacon (and brown sauce generally) in it – another great English Heritage Treasure!!!!!… Personally, I prefer mustard and onions in mine – 😉

It is in the company of guys like this, that I am humbled enough to see that I have no problems whatsoever – I regained my perspective thanks to them! 🙂

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  1. gorgeous!

  2. This is a beautiful card and what a lovely statement about your Mom. Mom’s are certainly the best of friends.

  3. What a Lovely post Rosie and sweet remembrance of your Mum. You must be quite the fisherwoman, putting maggots on the hook = ewww! Your does does sound very special indeed!

  4. this is gorgeous and a lovely reminder of your Mum. love it.

  5. Beautiful 4×4, such a lovely image you have used

  6. Lovely. Brown is fab.

  7. Rosie, this is great and a touching tribute to your mother. I loved your journaling, but I have no idea what a bacon buttie is.

  8. Sehr schöne Karte, das Foto ist klasse!!

  9. Sandy

     /  September 19, 2008

    Wow this is lovely.
    Stunning background. I love them.

  10. What a LOVELY card!! WOW! Not a day goes by without missing my mom! A mom is the one person you can count on to be on your side, always!! Even in a disagreement, moms may not side with your opinion, but they’ll always love you, no matter what!

    I loved the fishing photos, too!! Looks like you had a wonderful day!! What’s a bacon buttie? XOXO

  11. carolann

     /  September 19, 2008

    This is stunning Rosie and I know what you mean I miss mam everyday and it seems to get worse with time not better well done xxxx Hope you are ok hun (hugs)xxxx

  12. Gorgeous


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