Dans ma maison, il y a …. des fleurs!

This week at Dans ma maison, we have flowers in our house. I have been inspired by Thealie and her use of corrugated cardboard in her collages, so that is what I used as the base for my house. I really enjoyed making this one, you can probably tell!

We went fishing again today (well, the three of us went to our favourite local water) because I’d noticed that today’s weather forecast was fab. It was a lovely relaxing day, I caught some lovely carp, Nick had less luck as they were in a very playful mood (much to his disgust and frustration!) and DD finally joined us on the bank and proceeded to catch 40 very small fish on her 4m ‘whip’!

She appears to have developed an interest in catching larger fish and now wants to learn to use serious tackle – rod and line – for larger carp! We’re going to fish the Koi Lake on our next visit and I’m really hoping to see some fabulously coloured fish. I feel a canvas coming on…. 😉

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  1. fantastic house !!

  2. fabulous Rosie!!! great background, and so colourful!!!

  3. Oh, yes, that’s a totally fun house, Rosie!

  4. Jolie maison, merci pour ta participation

  5. what a lovely hous !!!

  6. Lovely piece of collage work.

  7. very original

  8. A lovely house Rosie!

  9. carolann

     /  September 22, 2008

    Great little house Rosie well done xxxx

  10. this is beautiful, absolutely love it.
    Kaz 🙂

  11. What a happy house! Your colors are fabulously fresh next to the creamy whites! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It makes me smile all over!!


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