Sunday Share Freebie

Morning all! Here are a couple of vintage postcards for you to use if you’d like… and the mask (Masquerade) was cut from…. an egg carton! Hah! Bet you’d never have guessed would you? LOLOL!

 England 1915

 The Boers…

Just click on the images to get the larger size and do let me know if you use them – these are from a collector’s series of vintage postcards and I only have the two, but they are very cool, aren’t they?

I have a birthday card to make, a bag charm to finish and another project to start, plus an unexpected visitor this morning *rolls eyes* – just when I thought I could get loads done before I go to work this evening!! Ah well… have a great day – the weather’s bright and sunny here in Devon and the line is full of washing. The grass could do with cutting, but hey ho, it IS Sunday!!

Oh and here’s what the egg carton looked like originally:

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  1. Now, after seeing the mask, I can look at this and see the eyes. But mind you, ONLY after having seen the mask first!! The amazing thing is that YOU saw the eyes BEFORE the mask……you are the epitome of creativity! Bravo, Rosie!


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