I like water!!

Woohoo! I started my first art journal today!! I was at my slightly mad friend Pat’s house this afternoon and we had lots of fun together – she cooked us a super meal, fussed over Nick who was suffering with IBS and treated us to much laughter and warmth – as usual!! The best thing she gave me (apart from some beauuuutiful fabric) was a book with great quality blank pages. It’s about 8″x8″ which I think is a good size for me to start with, so rather than being a bit intimidated by it, I chose to create a page about “Water” – Craftaway a Sunday’s theme – and show you what I love to doMixed Media Monday’s theme.

I used torn papers – text from a book, Hermine’s background and a couple of pieces from a Citrasolv sheet from Adrienne (who sent me some marvellous goodies in a stash swap on our group); I drew and doodled a lot, wrote a lot; I used inkpads DTP to colour the page and a waterbrush to blur edges. I also used shiny fish sequins and blue shell beads; the dream sticker and a lovely shimmery mermaid – also from Adrienne!

So I love this page and I’m going to use the challenges to keep journalling whilst I work on other fabric projects elsewhere. There will be lots of experimenting with paints and techniques and lots of writing too – I haven’t decided whether there will be single or double page spreads – I’m just gonna have fun with this and wing it! 😉

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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wow, I have always wanted to do a journal, I’ve just never had the nerve to start, you are an inspiration Rosie, LOVE your page, it’s so perfect for the theme…..maybe you should do a page with birds on it……you know just in case that theme maybe comes up really soon 😉

    thanks for playing, loving this already, can’t wait to see the book develop.

    Kaz@ Craftaway-a-Sunday

  2. Rosie … this indeed is an inspiration, love your journal already, perfect depiction of water, look forward to more pages.:)

  3. Fun piece. Fab.

  4. This is a great layout, and I hope you keep your journal going.

  5. What a wonderful, watery spread. I’ve too wanted to start an art journal for quite some time and haven’t taken the plunge. I’m inspired!

  6. Gorgeous piece Rosie, beautiful colors!

  7. Sandy

     /  September 23, 2008

    Wow really fabulous.
    Perfect page. Love them, wie immer 😀

  8. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

  9. WELL —- It’s about time!!! YES!!! Go for it Rosie!! I can think of no artwork more soul-satisfying than art journal pages! Now who would have ever guessed that about me! Hoooray for you!! This is one fabulous page!!

  10. Wow, it´s great!
    Hugs Tine

  11. Your first pages do NOT look like the work of someone who’s just beginning an art journal! They are so complex and convey such a mood. The lovely murky green makes me feel as if I’m underwater loooking up, and the movement and energy on the pages reminds me of tides’ ebb and flow. The way you’ve incorporates so many gorgeous elements effectively is amazing. I can’t wait to see your next pages!


  12. Great journal page works wonderfully well for both challenges I look forward to seeing how it grows.

  13. ooooooh me likes…the size is as you say good love your 1st page and look forward to seeing more.
    one day will get around to doing a journal.
    chriss x

  14. Wonderful and SO exciting Rosie! LOVE your journal page!!!

  15. Fabulous page!

  16. patsand31

     /  September 25, 2008

    I want my book back…lol

  17. mixedmediamonday

     /  September 26, 2008

    Wonderful! Diane

  18. What a great start to your art journal! This is a fun and happy spread. I like your attitude for the journal.

  19. carolann

     /  September 26, 2008

    Wow love this too Rosie WTG hun xxxxx


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