A Round Tuit…

I did mention yesterday that I had all but finished off a shrine I’ve been working on for ages. I had the idea many weeks ago, inspired by the Victorian Plate of stamps that I gave names and a storyline to! I got stuck though and then last night, it all came together. I have Adrienne Goodenough to thank for the background as she sent me some Citrasolv-altered magazine sheets which are luscious. And in my stash I have had some tiny cubes which my mate Jan gave me when she came to visit in April! They came in handy for mounting the characters.

I know the flowers look incongruous, coloured as they are, but life and indeed, affairs of the heart are often just that, aren’t they? So, I’m poking fun at my ‘people’ in a nice way really! The shrine is a wooden steak knife set box (IYSWIM!) and I used to have the plastic lid for it, but that’s gone AWOL so I can’t do anything ingenious to the front!! I thought of making it interactive, as it were, but I expect it just isn’t robust enough for that! I am just so happy to have finished the shrine and can post it off to Ria at the end of the month with a light heart.

Having said all that, this is my entry to This Thursday, it’s all about, because I finally got “around to it”!!


Adrienne also sent me the little chipboard “To thine own self be true” which is particularly appropriate, so I must thank her for that too!! I also have to admit that this is another first for me. I struggled with the mechanics and with realising what was in my head, so I have complete admiration for those artists who find this form of artwork satisfying and create such beautiful shrines.

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  1. Love your shrine….


  2. carolann

     /  September 26, 2008

    I think this is awesome Rosie WTG hun xxxxx

  3. what a great piece of art!

  4. Glad to have helped with the supplies LOL and like what you’ve done with them.

  5. Carol

     /  September 26, 2008

    I wouldn’t have known where to start!!

    Cool art piece
    TC 🙂

  6. What a wonderful creation, Rosie! I love the way you combined your “people” ! It looks a bit like a clandestine meeting in a garden! What a great, fanciful piece! I’ve been working on a theater assemblage, but haven’t gotten much past the box…guess that’s another thing I’ll have to get around to, now that you’ve inspired me with this piece!!

  7. susiebwell

     /  September 27, 2008

    I tell you Im gutted, I can’t win the sealing wax kits! wonderful entry Rosie! thanks for your continued support xxx

  8. Amazing piece Rosie and so inventive as ever!

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