Sunday Share Freebie and more!

Well, this is a bit more hurried than I expected, but I’ve been busy with h****work aswell as catching up on post which needs to mailed tomorrow morning. And of course, I have been getting messy too! I also managed to finish the crow domino pendant, although I still fancy some barbed wire across the bottom… Have you any idea how difficult it is to photograph your own chest in a mirror? I thought it’d be easy to photograph the pendant in situ, as it were, but I forgot that chests slant!! Before I dig a bigger hole for myself, here’s your free image to use if you wish…

Click for the full size image and save to your PC!! Here’s M. LeCrow on his veggie cord – I have drilled 12 dominos successfully today and I only had one casualty, which was a mini one that slipped. I still have all my fingers too!

I also made some ‘Faux Washi papers’, which are a bit more ‘wishy’ than washi, truth be told… but I don’t have any posh inks so I got my 2 bottles of drawing inks and my food dyes out and proceeded to have a go anyway. We have to use them in our altered board book project and Trish has supplied an excellent tutorial HERE. Her examples are stunning, but I am very pleased with what I managed to produce.

These just need stamping on and then I should read what the next step for the page is… *grins*

I also took advantage of the Messy Mat to try some more fabric paper – this time using a sheet of Adrienne’s Tyvek paper as a base. I bought some pretty serviettes recently and used one of them and some yellow tissue paper for the 2nd layer. I nearly ruined the whole thing with copper acrylic paint, but I just hope I managed to remove enough of it… we’ll see tomorrow when it’s dry!

Oh and don’t forget, there are still 2 days to go before I pick a winner for my background challenge. Use the numerals and show me what you’ve created with it and go into the hat for a chance to win something I’ve made or will make for you!! Good luck to:

Hermine; Rubymay; Rein; Anne S.

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  1. This is fantastic Rosie, a post with gorgeous art, gorgeous backgrounds and a fabby link too!! the trish bee stuff looks fab, will definately be on there later.
    your domino is great though, I do love crows and ravens, and I admire you for the drilling, I’ve never done one succesful domino yet..LOL
    thanks for playing!
    Kaz @ Craftaway-a-Sunday

  2. this is a great technique and thanks for the link. I shall be trying this for myself over the next couple of days. One of the only problems is that I keep finding all these wonderful techniques and only wish I had more time to develop their use properly. – John

  3. Thanks for sharing that link Rosie, love your Raven domino, fantastic.

  4. Brilliant dominoe Rosie – crows are certainly in the moment just now – love it, off to check out your link TFS!


  5. very beautiful domino.
    thanks for sharing with us

  6. Your M. LeCrow looks great!
    And I’m so glad that you still have all your fingers! ;-))
    I guess you will need them, e.g. to make more domino pendants and crows 🙂

  7. Sorry, I forgot to say how I like the way you fixed the pendant and the bead with wire. It’s not only less fiddly than jump rings but also more suitable for this pendant.
    Even so I like my spacer bar 😉

  8. The colors of your washi papers are so vibrant, and you did this with food dyes?? I am amazed! This is truly some of the clearest and purest color I’ve seen! I’m going to Trish’s blog first thing tomorrow and give it a try!! And your domino! WOW! I love , M. LeCrow! I have a drill, and I have dominoes, but I have no courage to drill the holes….afraid I’ll lose a finger or two…any tips? I’ve had this drill for 2 years and have yet to give it a try, I’m such a chicken around power tools!

  9. The crow is fab on this altered domino! A great piece. Pascale 🙂

  10. Fabulous crow, lovely work

  11. carolann

     /  September 30, 2008

    Wow Rosie love the pendant hun its brilliant and awesome papers WTG xxxx


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