Wave the Flag!

This Thursday, it’s all about… waving the flag. I love the examples on the blog that I saw this morning when I popped over to see what the latest challenge was and then I saw that I’d won last week’s prize! Woohoo! Sealing wax and seals! Woohoo! (Can you tell I’m excited- woohoo!)

I wasn’t sure what I was going to create so I had a root round in my old stash of scrapbook supplies and found the US Forces images. Then I was looking for something else and found the top section which came off the boxes from Nick’s spools of heavy duty fishing line. I know, it sounds odd, but they are gold and heavy card and have that flag in the top left hand corner, so I kept them! So I had a top section and 2 images and some nasty writing on the top that needed covering – hence the text page. Next step – 2 mountboard pieces duly scraped with copper acrylic paint and grunged with black acrylic paint on bubble wrap. A bit more grunge on the top section and a bit of matting and that stage was complete.

I thought I’d make jump rings and beads for the attachments. Talk about fiddly – that reminded me why I don’t make jewellery per se – I haven’t the patience, or a vice come to that! I only have 2 vices: Chocolate and tobacco! (and I only smoke outside…) Anyway, I hung the creation up to photograph it but I couldn’t get a decent pic, which is a shame because I don’t think you can see the play between the gold at the top and the copper paint behind the images on the scan… 

It’s now hanging above my spice rack in the kitchen – makes that wall look a bit prettier!!

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  1. Rosie, Thanks for visiting my blog and for your compliments! I see from your profile that you are a fellow Piscean. (Me too. Hence the title of my blog). Well, sister, now I have even more encouragement that it IS possible for me to get out of La-La Land and get things done! You are the proof that we can be both big dreamers AND big doers.

  2. Sandy

     /  October 3, 2008

    Absolutely amazing. Love them.

  3. Fabby Fabby Fabby WTG!xxxxxx

  4. fabulous card Rosie!!!

  5. the way you created your piece is really different and original 🙂

  6. Cor ! Wow, wow, wow,….I love this Rosie…I bet it looks great on the wall.
    Lovely work again x

  7. Fabulous creation!

  8. This is WONDERFUL, Rosie! I love the jump rings and beads! They were certainly worth the effort, and tie the piece together with an added *zing*! Very lovely!! I wish I could see it hanging in your kitchen!! And CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with the seals and wax!!

  9. carolann

     /  October 5, 2008

    I am totally stuck with this one love the way you have done it hun WTG xxxx

  10. Carol

     /  October 6, 2008

    fantastic –

  11. Brilliant peice of work as usual Rosie
    Thanks for jpoining in glad you won one of our challenges at last :LOL


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