A woman…

Dans ma maison, il y a… this week, a woman – une femme! I had a picture in my head of what I wanted to achieve for this challenge and I’ve come pretty close! It’s an Art Journal page, done in 4 colours of drawing inks, doodled and very random. The lovely femme is one of the DCS images I am very fond of!

I don’t understand why I can’t draw a straight line… I draw really fast, like a sketch-artist and my lines are never straight, so my style is somewhat erratic!! Still I really like this and I used the barb wire stamp for fun!

We’re off to the Car Boot tomorrow (yawns!) so I doubt I’ll get much done, but I have to thank Laurie for inspiring me to package up my wares a bit more professionally. Look at these!

I’d just got a couple of pages printed out when the ink cartridge announced it was empty so I had to get a new one this afternoon! Ain’t it always the way?! But I shall be armed and dangerous next week!

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  1. it’s fantastic as always!!! so full of life!! love the doodling and colours!!

  2. your house is really fantastic! and i love the presentation of your wares … looks professional 🙂

  3. Truly wonderful house – beautifully created

  4. Very clever incorporating your house into the journal page. Love the surrealism of your house. And your pieces look very professionally presented.

  5. I love it – the colors, the doodles, the whole layout. It’s really charming! And nice packaging! That thing with the ink has happened to me at least twice during times when I really didn’t need it to happen. I keep telling myself I’m going to buy two cartridges but they’re so darn pricey I always end up doing just the one.

  6. Wow, Rosie, I love your house, the colours & design – beautiful! Spent a while looking through your art work again – amazing creations! Got the gel medium today so off to make some fabric paper & try the transfers too! Wish me Luck!

  7. Rosie, this is one of my favorite houses!! I love it! It is beautifully drawn, the colors are inspired! Lovely, and perfect for the piece! And I love how your hand-carved barbed wire stamp looks on the page! This is so gorgeous! I LOVE your journal page!! And I love the professional packaging to go with your wonderful pieces of art! The black and white is perfect! A great design, but it doesn’t overpower your color images! Hope you’re feeling better now, and that all went beautifully at the car boot!! My weekend is unexpectedly hectic….will fill you in soon….XOXO

  8. Very beautifull house. This woman is fantastic .. Odile

  9. beautiful artwork!!!

  10. Stunning work – your house is fabulous and your altered dominoes look yummy!

  11. carolann

     /  October 5, 2008

    This is brilliant hun hope the dominoes go well xxxxxxxx

  12. oooh it’s very fabulous…I love this house

  13. Your page is just BRILLIANT Rosie!! Everything about it is just amazing, you must be so pleased with it!!! Love your goodies, one looks more wonderful than the next!!

  14. look at all this wonderful eye candy…did you sell many of those yummy dominos… hope so as they are gorgeoue.
    chriss x

  15. Superbe maison !!! merci beaucoup de ta participation


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