I love Mixed Media Monday challenges and this week’s is no exception. The theme is ‘Opposites’ and I made a few notes about things like night and day, good and bad, men and women, etc. Then I found this image in a magazine… and the rest just fell into place!


I took the lyrics from the Cole Porter song and could hear Old Blue Eyes singing it in my mind as I prepped and painted away. I followed Barbara’s instructions and managed a fairly decent blending and thinning process for my background (acrylics) and when that was dry I stamped the bamboo (Anita’s and Tandastamps) with Olive green Stazon. The embellies are from my Craftaway a Sunday prize – aren’t they just perfect for this journal page?

The one good thing that happened yesterday was that I found a complete boxed set of Trionimos at the Car Booty! I’d heard of them but never seen them and I have already started altering some! They’re really neat so they’ll make fab pendants, bag charms and/or key fobs. Such fun!

I am Guest Host next week on MMM, so get your thinking caps on!! TTFN! 😉

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  1. Ooh Rosie what a fantastic image!!! Great job!!!

  2. really a wonderful page!

  3. Gorgeous piece!!

  4. This is great. My 6 yr. old especially loved it.

  5. B

     /  October 7, 2008

    Your card is wonderful, and you are right. The panda is a real lady killer. (and now I can’t get the song out of my head.)

  6. So cool! Love it!

  7. Oh it is fab, panda’s are so incredible aren’t they, and this is a wonderful piece

  8. Great piece I love panda’s, but I think it’s look a little sad.

  9. Beautiful! great idea.

  10. such a beautiful and heart-breaking-ly lovely image.

  11. mixedmediamonday

     /  October 9, 2008

    Funny, I had the song playing in my head as I looked at your piece too, Rosie. It’s fabulous – your art, I mean (and the song, LOL). Diane

  12. Oh, MY!!!!!! Your panda is adorable, Rosie!! How did I miss him??? So glad you told me to come have a look! Your background is yummy!!!!! I love the black bamboo and alll the depth in the shades of greens and yellows! WOW! Glad I was able to help! You certainly achieved a gorgeous blend of texture and color!! BRAVO!!

  13. You really did your homework on that one!


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