Sculpted ATCs

On one of the Art Groups I joined, some of us have been playing around with Shrink Plastic and experimenting under the guidance of one of our talented members. I hate waste and have often tried making use of the tiniest bits of shrink plastic for mosaics, etc. Well here are 3 ATCs I made during the week as a result of mucking about!!

I ran the black shrink plastic through the Cuttlebug folder, coloured the raised surface with metallic rubons and then heated it. I had a bit of some foil tape stuck to the end of the paintbrush I was using and that melted too! Just one of those things! I like working with twisted wire and used that to attach the mini-sculpture to the ATC. I thought it’d look really good to run the ATC through the same folder and use matching colours… cool, non?!!

I really like this one with the beads – fiddly, but it’s a great piece of ‘waste’ isn’t it?!

If you click on this last one, you can see it in more detail! I think it’s wonderful the way the most uninspiring scraps can be transformed into something very soulful and satisfying. I do believe I’m in self-imposed therapy! 🙂

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  1. oh these look great Rosie!

    I am going to have to try that – I never thought of embossing shrink, I didn’t think it would hae enough “give”

  2. They do make the most amazing crunchy noise as you crush them Sarah!! 😉

  3. pauline

     /  October 11, 2008

    great idea -I will try again.I will emboss some with my wiz.I am going to buy shrinky later as I ran out

  4. Love your creativity & resourcefulness!!!

  5. volz

     /  October 11, 2008

    I am an art teacher and I just purchased soem shrink art to use with my students. I am not familiar with the cuttlebug folder and metalic rubons are these items you may use for scrapbooking? Is the cuttlebug folder like a crimper ?

  6. Melissa

     /  October 12, 2008

    These look great! Thanks for sharing, I will have to go and try it.

  7. OK, now you’re going to have to email me and explain how you did this with the cuttlebug! These are way too fabulous!!!! And I have tons of questions, because I want to do this, too, but you need to give me a push start, OK?? Can you tell how much I LOVE these?????

  8. Love the way the shrink plastic turned out. I’d never have thought of doing that to shrink plastic!


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