4×4 for the 31st!!

Artygirlz want numbers this week and I received my new stamps from Third Coast RS today so I had to stamp out all the images, put them into CD boxes and then get them out and play with them. Due to unforseen problems, Val was a bit later then usual shipping, so by way of apology, she added some freebies – which are wonderful!!

Anyway, having made 3 bookmarks, plus one for DD (who was much taken with ‘The Director, Val!), I managed to do something for me…

I used some recycled filofax pages from October, painted them with SG orange glaze, stamped them, added the eyelash fibres to hang it up and the moon is a funky foam embellie recycled from a piece of work last year, which just didn’t look right anymore! That’s such a cute witch image, isn’t it? I have the small version too and a retro witch! They look so much better than the usual ‘warty’ ones!!

The big fat number stamps are from Robin at MaVinci’s Reliquary.

I was drilling more doms again this afternoon, finishing off a couple of boxes (much to DD’s disgust I put a beetle on the lid of one of them. It freaked her right out *grins*) and I made some entertaining dominos up aswell… I have a small fan base of lads who like ghoulish, etc. so I am making them ‘bike charms’ and suchlike with skeletons and rubber insects and enjoying my daughter’s disapproval hugely!!

I have a quiltie in progress too… and hope to have that finished later this week. It involves a beautiful woman…. and cake! Will show you when it’s done! We’re all at market tomorrow, so if I don’t post, don’t worry! TTFN…

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  1. hastingshall2

     /  October 14, 2008

    You have a lots of goodies on this 4×4. Isn’t it great fun to get new stamps and other supplies? Love the gorgeous orange color. Faye

  2. carolann

     /  October 14, 2008

    Awesome work Rosie love the witch well done hun xxxx

  3. This is great…love the stamps!

  4. I love the recycled filofax pages, Rosie!! And your new stamps are wondeful!! Love the “if the broom fits….”! Can’t wait to see the quiltie when it’s finished!! Have a great time at market!! XOXO

  5. Sandy

     /  October 15, 2008

    Wow really special.
    Love the idea and the page.

  6. This is fab Rosie and the stamps are so much fun!!

    Thanks for joining in with this weeks Arty Girlz challenge

    Julie xx

  7. Great 4×4 Rosie shes very sassy aint she

    Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge.

    crissi xx

  8. what a clever idea !!! love it !!

  9. Hey Rosie thats one sassy witch, and I love the project too
    Great work


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