Dans ma maison, il y a…

In my house this week, there is a tree! Thealie has created the most beautiful house with a tree and when I looked at it, the ones on the left looked as though they were reaching out to the main tree… a flight of fantasy, but you see what you see when you look at art, don’t you?

I made my house with part of a cardboard box, paper bag images, hessian, net and 5 of my Birdies. I was prepping canvasses this evening after making more bookmarks so the gesso and acrylics were conveniently to hand! I am still covered in paint, gesso and gel medium because I’ve been watching “Wire in the Blood” – based on Val McDermid’s characters and starring Robson Green, one of my fave actors. I’ve read all her books and they creep me out, but I love ’em!

Anyway, I digress. Here’s my “Flight of Fantasy” house:

The balloon is a brad, and the string is being held by the faun in the tree! (Don’t ask!)

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  1. I LOVE all the creepy images that are hiding in this piece! And are those glitter hearts from sequin waste?? WOW, you are inventive!!! I LOVE your processes! …and what, me not ask????? email me, please!!

  2. o what a beautiful work !!!!

  3. Rosie, Wow, this is amazing!

  4. lovely piece xxx

  5. Love your arch, Rosie, all the different elements you have used, great!

  6. A great house- I wouldn’t like to meet that gargoyle though!

  7. The birds in the tree.. of course ! I really love this house, all those things and the faun :).
    How rich and beautiful you should be….



  8. carolann

     /  October 20, 2008

    I love this hun WTG xxxxxx

  9. great house ! I love flowers and birds…

  10. Très jolie maison, merci de ta participation.


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